I’ve held administrative, leadership & training roles in the integrative health field since the mid-1970s. Among other things, I’ve been tracking nutritional supplements ever since then. Never in all these decades have I found a more important nutritional supplement than the one you’re about to learn about in the video below.

In the following superbly done educational video, my colleague & friend, Dr. Asher Milgrom, provides you with absolutely vital information about what to me is the most important broad-impact nutritional supplement one can take… AND the most effective — and cost-effective — formulation that’s available today… BY FAR.

My wife and I have been taking this supplement daily. The positive results we each started noticing literally within 3 days were startling, and they have continued to deepen ever since. Those who gotten this supplement from me have reporting equally remarkable results. We intend to continue taking it for the rest of our lives. Now it’s your turn.

Your next 20 minutes watching this video from Dr. Asher Milgrom might well prove to be the most important 20 minutes you’ve ever spent learning about a nutritional supplement. Do let me know what you think (click the blue “Contact” button at the bottom of the page), and feel free to private message this page with others.

Click the button above to learn more about, purchase, & optionally build a revenue stream around, the CBD Hemp Oil formulation I use.  If you have questions, click the blue “Contact” tab at the bottom of this page to send them to me. I’ll respond as quickly as I can… usually within a couple of business days. To review the independent research on Cannabidiol, visit www.ProjectCBD.org


Why did you decide to become a Prime My Body Affiliate? This is in fact the very first time I’ve been sufficiently excited about a MLM to have chosen to build a revenue stream through it. (A couple of exceptions aside, I really dislike how MLMs are set up). I decided to become an Affiliate for 4 reasons:

  1. I’ve been benefitting profoundly from this particular CBD formulation;
  2. From a cost-benefit perspective they’re priced lower than CBD formulations not being sold via MLM (a rarity in the MLM world in my experience);
  3. Their compensation structure facilitates collaboration instead of competition; and
  4. I respect the personal integrity and medical expertise of my uplines & other I know who have also become affiliates (my direct upline is the person who produced the video above, Dr. Asher Milgrom).

What results have you personally been getting with this formulation? First let me say that because my health is overall quite good, I wasn’t expecting to notice much. I was quite wrong about that. Within the first 3 days my sleep quality was noticeably improved, my feelings of wellbeing were noticeably enhanced, my urine flow was stronger, and my bowels were better. In addition to all of these benefits holding steady or continuing to improve further over time, the additional longer-term results I’ve been noticing include: waking up feeling more refreshed even when I’ve gone to bed too late and needed to awaken too early, improved stamina, a more stable and effortlessly happy mood throughout the day, a surprising decrease in the stress levels I feel in stressful situations, and decreasing blood pressure.

I’ve been reading articles about CBD and looking at ads or websites for different brands. What’s important for me to bear in mind?

  1. Bioavailability is how much of a nutrient is actually absorbed into our bloodstream. The bioavailability of most CBD formulations is dismal: anywhere between 12% & 35% bioavailability. The high end is the pharmaceutical-grade version of CBD.
  2. A few Cannabidiol formulations that are water-based rather than oil-based claim upward of 85% bioavailability. But the research they cite for this claim has nothing to do with human physiology. Most of these formulations are swallowed rather than sublingually administered. (Prime My Body’s formulation is sublingual.) Most people’s guts are so impaired that nothing they ingest is that readily absorbed through the gut into the bloodstream. On top of that, CBD is a liposome because that’s how receptors at the cellular level are designed to recognize and utilize it. Water-based formulations might perhaps be more readily absorbed through the gut than oil-based preparations. (Prime My Body’s formulation is oil-based.) Regardless of whether CBD is absorbed into the system through the gut or sublingually, water-based versions of CBD simply don’t work optimally at the cellular level.
  3. Prime My Body’s formulation is upward of 90% bioavailable, and has an industry-leading level of cellular absorbability by far, because it is:
    ** Administered sublingually, through a couple of sprays under your tongue, rather than swallowing it and relying on your stomach and gut to absorb it even though they do that far less efficiently than sublingual ingestion
    **Delivered through nanotechnology, which means that the oil particles are made so small that the CBD easily enters into the blood stream — this proprietary technology was developed by a highly regarded Quicksilver Scientific researcher named Dr. Chris Shade.
    ** Maximally absorbed at the cellular level because it’s oil-based and that’s the version of Cannabidiol that cells are designed to utilize
    **Maximally nourishing to cells because it includes a nutrient that is vital for keeping cells functioning optimally, called phosphatidylcholine
  4. To the best of my knowledge, no other formulation on the market can make these claims, and that’s why no other formulation even comes close in terms of cost-benefit.

Do YOU have questions for me? If I receive more questions whose answers would be valuable to post here for all to see (in contrast to personal questions you have, which will stay only between you and me), I’ll add them here.