MEDIA BULLETIN: If you are a member of the broadcast, print or internet media, now is your chance to interview Dr. Gruder about the four social change challenges that threaten to sabotage an Obama presidency. Here is a brief profile…

The election of the United States’ first African American president has brought a feeling of optimism about the future of the United States that is resonating around the world. But, as America’s Integrity Expert David Gruder reveals, Obama’s job performance will depend on whether he can overcome four social change problems that hardly anyone speaks about:

  1. Political Hatred, Bigotry and Polarization: Dr. Gruder will explain why these are THE most problematic and dangerous threats to democracy itself … and what we as citizens must do about them. Ask him about citizen and politician integrity.
  2. Disregarding America’s Mission Statement (the U.S. Constitution’s preamble): Dr. Gruder describes how politicians, business leaders, special interest groups, and citizens have damaged the fundamental fabric of our country by ignoring this mandate. Ask him about the constitutional principles that form the core of governmental integrity.
  3. Addiction to Debtism: Dr. Gruder discusses the grievous harm being done as financial sector and government leaders continue to perpetuate a culture of Debtism rather than restore true capitalism. Ask him about financial integrity.
  4. Dysfunctional Problem-Solving: Dr. Gruder reveals the ways that compromise and coercion prevent truly sustainable root cause solutions from emerging, and describes the problem-solving strategy that is needed. Ask him about problem-solving integrity.

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