No one should underestimate how chronically demanding, stressful and exhausting being POTUS (President of the United States) is.

The relentless demands, stress and exhaustion created by the insanely prolonged presidential campaign process provides voters with one extremely valuable gift: it gives us important glimpses into how candidates will hold up under the demands, stress and exhaustion that goes with being president.

Viewed in this light, watch this very brief clip of Senator McCain making a seemingly innocent slip of the tongue in a speech on October 8, 2008:

This seemingly innocent slip of the tongue is anything but benign. Senator McCain’s undisputed heroism notwithstanding, he has unintentionally revealed how his unresolved trauma from being a prisoner of war in North Viet Nam cannot help but leak into how he functions under the chronic stress and exhaustion he would continue to endure as president.

I believe Mr. McCain’s slip provides a glimpse into the depth to which his unresolved trauma from long ago continues to overshadow and compromise his vision in the present.

Despite how pundits will try to dismiss this incident, it is extremely important that voters recognize these deeper implications of POW McCain’s slip of the tongue.

Be a Savvy Voter. Take non-partisan considerations like this into account as you decide who to vote for.

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