The latest book by Dan Brown (author of The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons) is a powerfully gripping novel built around two sets of stunning facts that few people know:

  • The mystical underpinnings that birthed the United States over 200 years ago
  • The mystifying findings about the power of intention by 21st century science

I can’t think of a more engaging way to learning about these facts than a Dan Brown novel! I think The Lost Symbol is Brown’s best novel yet, and that’s saying a lot because I didn’t see how he was going to produce something even better than his last two novels!

If you’ve not yet read The Lost Symbol, I’ve included links below for purchasing either the printed version or the audiobook version. And if you have already read The Lost Symbol, I think you’ll be fascinated to use the link below to read the amazing book by my one of my cherished colleagues, Lynne McTaggart, that Brown mentions in The Lost Symbol: The Intention Experiment. (You might recall that Lynne interviewed me for her own podcast series earlier this year.) As a bonus, you might enjoy reading Lynne’s story about her extreme surprise when she learned that Dan Brown had mentioned her, her research, and her latest book in The Lost Symbol. You can read Lynne’s blog posts about his by clicking on this sentence!

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Your understanding of the origins of the United States will never be the same, nor will your understanding of the power of your own mind! More importantly, your understanding about the awe-inspiring directions in which we now have the option of heading as a species will be forever transformed.

Do make a point of reading, and taking to heart, these profoundly engaging books!