• What if you could shift your Energy anytime, anywhere?
  • What if you could learn self-help tools that could really change your life… in only two hours?
  • Would you like to discover the real truth about a cutting edge 21st century set of self-help and psychotherapy methods known as Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology is a family of breakthrough integrative wellness tools that combine time-honored methods from Traditional Chinese Medicine with sound psychological principles to produce remarkable results. Commonly known as “tapping,” the most well-known member of the Energy Psychology family is EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Association for Comprehensive Energy PsychologyEnergy Psychology for Everyone
is an extraordinary event during which you will learn the six keys to strengthening your energy system so it supports you in creating the life you want. EP for Everyone is for helping professionals, students and the general public, and is brought to you by the international nonprofit Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) (www.energypsych.org). ACEP is the world’s leading instructional and certifying organization, supporting research, training and ethically responsible uses of Energy Psychology. This makes their highly rated Energy Psychology for Everyone programs your ideal opportunity to get a hands-on introduction to what may well be the 21st century breakthrough in self-help and psychotherapy.

Energy Psychology for Everyone includes two low-cost high-enjoyment programs. Attend either or both. They will be held in San Diego, California, on Friday evening, February 19th and Saturday, February 20th, 2010, at Alliant University. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP, will be the lead trainer. Dr. Gruder, for whom San Diego has been his home since 1975, was the co-founder and first president of ACEP, and is one of the architects of their ACEP’s certification program. Paula Shaw, CADC, DCEP, will be a special guest presenter for a segment of the Saturday program.

The Friday night program offers you the basics of a self-help version of Energy Psychology in a highly engaging practice-as-you-learn evening from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. PLUS Alliant University’s Center for Integrative Psychology is hosting a free wine and cheese kick-off reception between 6:30pm and 7:00. Location: Zable Hall, Alliant University Scripps Ranch Campus, 10455 Pomerado Road, San Diego, CA 92131-1799. (Click here for directions on Google Maps.) (Click here for the campus map & driving directions.)

  • Tuition is $20. Register online at www.EPheals.com until Friday morning at 9:00am Pacific Time. After that you can register at the door.

The Saturday all-day program provides you with more in-depth exposure to, and practice with, a range of Energy Psychology methods. Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm. A light breakfast and morning/afternoon snacks are included. (Lunch is on your own.) Location: Green Hall, Alliant University Scripps Ranch Campus, 10455 Pomerado Road, San Diego, CA 92131-1799. (Click here for directions on Google Maps.) (Click here for the campus map & driving directions.)

  • Tuition is $129. Register online at www.EPheals.com until Friday morning at 9:00am Pacific Time. After that you can register at the door.

You will come away from both programs with specific techniques you will be able to immediately implement to improve the quality of your life and relationships.

Continuing education credits for the Saturday program are available for California social workers, marriage & family therapists, professional counselors, drug & alcohol counselors and nurses.

To register for either or both programs go to www.EPheals.com or call ACEP at 619-861-2237. Online registration closes on Friday morning at 9:00am Pacific Time. After that you can register at the door.

Bonus: Attend the Saturday program and receive a $50 discount on the certification training workshops that will be held at ACEP’s 12th annual international Energy Psychology Conference in San Diego this June! (Details at www.EnergyPsych.org)

Dr. Gruder looks forward to welcoming you to Energy Psychology for Everyone in San Diego on February 19th and 20th!

More About What You’ll Learn From Attending Energy Psychology for Everyone

Energy Psychology methods are becoming increasingly popular. They are being used by the public as self-help methods and by clinicians as psychotherapeutic adjuncts. EP has garnered research support in such diverse areas as: weight loss, phobias, disaster relief, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and performance enhancement.

Energy Psychology for Everyone doesn’t only give you tools you can immediately start using. You will also get an overview of the Energy Psychology field that includes sound scientific information as well as practical application.

Energy Psychology for Everyone is not only for the public. These programs also prepare helping professionals to begin ACEP’s Certification Program in Energy Psychology.

More About the Friday Night Program
When you have been upset, frustrated, anxious, angry, guilty or ashamed, did you ever wish you could change the way you feel or think rapidly and easily? People say, “Oh, you shouldn’t feel that way,” but you do! Your mind knows one thing, but you just don’t feel that way and you just cannot change it. During this evening introduction, you will learn about and experience for yourself:

  • The rapid relief from many types of emotional distress and pain that Energy Psychology can produce.
  • Safe and effective methods that have shown scientific promise and benefit for those who suffer common fears, anxiety, depression, weight management and is even being used in PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and disaster relief.
  • How certain types of thoughts and emotions weaken or strengthen your energy system.

More About the Saturday Day-Long Program
This experiential workshop teaches several essential techniques and the knowledge necessary to successfully utilize several different energy psychology procedures, whether in your own life or with your clients. Thie training you will receive revolves around a 6-step integrative therapy model of comprehensive energy psychology. During this jam-packed day you will also:

  • Get a brief history of Energy Psychology
  • Discover how grounded these innovative methods are in conventional psychological understanding
  • Be introduced to specific EP techniques and the major members of the Energy Psychology family of methods
  • Learn about the scientific evidence verifying the efficacy of EP approaches
  • Explore how EP methods can be used with different types of problems such as trauma, anxiety, pain, and relationship problems, as well as enhancing peak performance.
  • Experience how to center yourself through rebalancing your Biofield
  • Use an energetic perspective about resistance to identify and melt away hidden objections to getting over your issues
  • Activate the healing power of the Acupuncture Meridian Pathways to free yourself from negative impacts of your life experiences
  • Enjoy the feelings of wellbeing that expand as you transform negative life beliefs and ingrained patterns of behavior through learning how to move energy through your Chakra centers

Watch These Videos About Energy Psychology

In the following four minute video from the Canadian Television Network, Dr. Gruder is interviewed about Energy Psychology in conjunction with some events he was brought to Edmonton, Canada, to provide. (If you are unable to see the video below, you can download Apple’s QuickTime video viewing software free at: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download)

Download File

As you’ll see in the following video, Energy Psychology methods work with war veterans who didn’t respond to other treatments, If they work for them they might work for you too, whether you’re wanting to get free from old baggage or enhance your wellness and peak performance. Watch all the way through (Flash required) and you’ll see Dr. Gruder toward the end of this particularly powerful video.

About Dr. Gruder

David Gruder, PhD, DCEP, is a clinical and organizational psychologist, multi-award-winning author, and core faculty member at the California Institute for Human Science. Calling San Diego home since 1975, Dr. Gruder’s primary specialty is integrity development, on which he speaks, trains and consults worldwide. His latest book, “The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World,” won six remarkably diverse book awards in Current Events in Politics & Society, Social Change, Conscious Business & Leadership, Health & Wellness, Self-Help, and Meta-Psychology.

However, Dr. Gruder is no stranger to the field of Integrative Psychology, having first served in a leadership role back in the 1970s as an administrator for the Association for Holistic Health. In fact, in 1976 he became one of the first people to receive a certification in Holistic Health from UCSD.

He went on to be trained or certified in a long list of conventional and complementary modalities before his first exposure to Energy Psychology in 1995. After much initial skepticism he ultimately came to so deeply value what Energy Psychology can offer to people that in 1998 he agreed to become the co-founder and first president of the organization that sponsors these “Energy Psychology for Everyone” events around the country, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Dr. Gruder later became one of the core architects of ACEP’s certification programs, through which he remains a senior certification trainer, certification candidate consultant, and continuing education provider as time permits. He has mentored Energy Psychology practitioners worldwide, and has given Energy Psychology training programs in North America, Europe and Asia, to psychotherapists, physicians, dentists, coaches and the public. He has also taught semester-long Energy Psychology courses for doctoral psychology graduate students, and is the author of the Energy Psychology Desktop Companion for practitioners and the Energy Psychology Anywhere self-help CD set.

Again, to register for either or both EP for Everyone programs go to www.EPheals.com or call ACEP at 619-861-2237.

"Dr. Gruder is by far the foremost spokesperson
for Energy Psychology today."

~ Dr. Lee Pulos, Ph.D., A.B.P.P., Clinical Psychologist,
Author of The Power of Visualization and
The Biology of Empowerment (www.DrPulos.com)

"David is one of the true masters of
Energy Psychology techniques as well as their theory.
He is a highly gifted teacher whose superbly organized
instruction is admired by the top people in the field
and his workshops are well attended by them.
~ Dr. Pat Carrington, Ph.D.
Editor of EFT One-Minute News

Please forward this page to anyone you know in Southern California who might be interested in attending. For an event flyer that you can print or attach to an e-mail click HERE (PDF file).

Disclaimer: Energy Psychology for Everyone events are purely educational. You and you alone are responsible for how you make sense of the material presented, and of what you do with that information. These events do not provide psychological or medical advice, nor are they a substitute for consulting or working with a qualified helping professional or clergy. Their sole purpose is to educate you as a consumer or helping professional about a newly-emerging family of psychotherapy, coaching and self-help methods. Both ACEP and Dr. Gruder encourage you to make your own decisions about your development, health care, and resource selections, based upon your own research as an informed consumer, and in partnership with well-qualified helping professionals and/or or spiritual advisors whenever appropriate.