Legacy MacroMentoring


Your legacy vision is about the world you want future generations to live in, and the spheres of influence where you most want to have positive impact in helping to bring about that world.

Your Legacy Projects are the philanthropic endeavors through which you accomplish this. These focus on filling specific Legacy Vision-optimized needs that:

  • Others are currently trying to fill but without sufficient funds to accomplish their mission
  • Others are currently trying to fill but not in ways that align closely enough with your legacy vision to feel good about affiliating with them
  • Are not yet being filled in particularly effective ways

Successful Legacy Fulfillment is a form of social entrepreneurship: building your legacy in sustainably fulfilling ways that don’t sacrifice your wellbeing, your commitments to those who are precious to you, or the lifestyle you’re now in a position to live.

Legacy MacroMentoring is about helping you create legacy success based on the principles and skills of successful entrepreneurship. It’s about helping you become a successful LegaPreneur™.

Legacy MacroMentoring Has Two Phases: vetting and implementing.

  • Legacy Vetting focuses on aligning your personal life goals, the legacy you most want to bring to the world, the specific solution(s) you feel called to offer as your legacy, your investment parameters, and market research to ensure that your investment will have maximal positive impact in ways that are maximally fulfilling to you. There are at least 11 dimensions to consider as part of your Legacy Vetting process.
  • Legacy Implementation is about conducting your legacy projects in ways that mirror how socially responsible successful entrepreneurs create sustained profitability without sacrificing integrity. It’s about becoming who your selected legacy projects need you to become for them to succeed, and ensuring that those who assist you in fulfilling your legacy do the same. Just as with business entrepreneurship, Legacy Implementation requires that you:
    • Develop a clear picture of your strengths and gaps as a Legacy Leader
    • Identify which gaps you will fill yourself and which you’ll fill by bringing others on board
    • Implement a sound plan to fill your gaps you decide and bringing the right resources on board (mentors, implementers and perhaps supplemental funders) in the right sequence, at the right time, and with engagement agreements that set your legacy up to succeed
  • If you’re fully proficient in doing all of the above on your own, you likely don’t need a Legacy MacroMentor. If you’re not, but you’re deeply committed to building your right legacy in the best possible ways, your first question should probably be, “Who is my best Legacy MacroMentor choice?”

Who is Legacy MacroMentoring For?
Legacy Entrepreneurship is about optimizing your legacy through entrepreneurial best practices. Legacy Entrepreneurship is the leading edge in legacy implementation.™ Becoming a Legacy Entrepreneur is probably for you if you’re deeply passionate about and committed to leaving your optimal legacy, whether through funding worthy projects and/or gifting your high level expertise to existing ones, and understand how the principles and skills of entrepreneurship are ideally suited to help you succeed.

I am a 9-award-winning clinical & organizational development psychologist, and Entrepreneur MacroMentor, who is co-head of faculty for CEO Space International (perhaps the world’s oldest and largest entrepreneur development organization).

A deeply cause-driven person my entire life, I was founding president of an international nonprofit and am a certified Ritual Elder in another, in addition to having been a successful entrepreneur.

What I’ve done with Legacy MacroMentoring is to repurpose my effectiveness at helping entrepreneurs succeed to help philanthropists optimize their legacies.

My dream team of associates includes some of the world’s best strategists, nonprofit specialists, and wealth management experts, thanks in large part to the wealth of top notch experts I know through CEO Space International. Utilizing me opens up this world of resources to you so you can be add any of them to your LegacyPreneur MacroMentoring™ team when and if we agree that this would serve your Legacy Project’s highest good.

As someone who the media has referred to since 2008 as America’s Integrity Expert, my guiding principles as your Legacy MacroMentor are that I serve your legacy in a fiduciary way, meaning that I place your legacy’s success above my personal self-interest. That way, you never have to worry about me influencing you through hidden agendas, invisible conflicts of interest, or inappropriate financial interests.

Lastly, with me as your Legacy MacroMentor you benefit from my expertise as clinical psychologist who can help you optimize your effectiveness as a Legacy Leader, and my expertise as an organizational development psychologist who can help you optimize how your Legacy Team functions on behalf of your legacy’s success.

Set an in-person or long-distance exploratory meeting with me by selecting a time in my online scheduler that works for you. Together we’ll discover whether what you seek is right-matched with what I provide, and if so, whether our values and chemistry are strongly enough aligned so we would have a great time collaborating in this way on behalf of your legacy success.