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Kudos From Event Planners, Attendees & The Media

Having given literally hundreds of lectures and trainings since the 1970s, from hospital Grand Rounds to multi-day workshops at international conferences, to teaching classes for a wide array of organizations and disciplines, event planners have this to say about him:

  • “Dr. Gruder’s workshops are meticulously planned. He is a brilliant analyst and fine synthesizer of human experience. Planning a workshop with Dr. Gruder is a delight. He is prompt, clear and courteous. Our participants gave Dr. Gruder outstanding evaluations.”
    – MM & CP, Alphacom Consultants & Event Planners, Alberta, Canada
  • “I attended David’s speaking events for over ten years, including events I hired him to provide. His personable and disarming style combine with his training design talents and impeccable materials to create powerful changes in thinking and behavior that result in more satisfying lives and career effectiveness.”
    – JGC, Former Trainer for the Ken Blanchard Companies
  • “Thank you for your excellently rated luncheon address at our annual conference. You were so well received and the presentation was simply a hit.”
    – DS, Certified Meeting Planner, Conference & Meetings Director
  • “Dr. Gruder is incredible….whether it be in teaching, coaching, or mentoring colleagues, he excels.”
    – DG, Principal, Guthrie & Associates, Certified Meeting Planner
  • “Dr. Gruder combines strong intelligence, genuine kindness and a masterful teaching style. Attendees sought me out to say that the event was ‘outstanding’ and ‘awesome,’ that ‘Dr. Gruder’s teaching style was magnificent,’ and that ‘he presented the material at a very digestible pace.’ As the event coordinator, I found him particularly easy to work with regarding the planning and logistical details. For all of these reasons I confidently recommend Dr. Gruder to any event planner seeking an effective speaker and trainer with great audience appeal.”
    – PB, Manager, Orlando Regional Employee Assistance Program
  • “David is an authority on Integrity and a collaborative Spirit. He’s very good at discussing sensitive issues for the benefit of others. He also happens to be an authority on Propaganda and its effect on business and our society. A truly fascinating topic. I not only recommend him, I invited him to speak to a group of colleagues, for their benefit, and I’m very glad I did.”
    Dave Phillipson, CEO Space Club President
  • “Thank you so much for the high degree of excellence you bring to your ACEP presentations. Given another 20 years I might get to where you are, but I doubt it.”
     Gregory J. Nicosia, PhD, DCEP, Former President, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Attendees and workshop participants also consistently rave about Dr. Gruder’s keynotes and training programs:

  • “Utterly moving and captivating – very useful information.”
  • “Great speech! Thank you for inspiring me to elevate my game to the next level.”
  • “Very user-friendly – presented in a very easy, understandable, digestible way.”
  • “My favorite speaker on the program.”
  • “The highlight of the conference – we could have had an entire conference on his material.”
  • “An extraordinary training experience. Dr. Gruder did an outstanding job of presenting the material in a clear, organized and understandable manner that was rich enough for therapists to get great value from yet easy for everyday people to make use of. Most of all, he brought out the absolute best in everyone. He really was magnificent!”

Dr. Gruder is a big media hit across the boards, from conservatives to progressives, and from religious traditionalists to new thought spirituality. Here is a very small slice of the kudos he receives from the media:

  • The reason Radio & Television Interview Reports hails Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP, as “America’s Integrity Expert” goes way beyond hype: over 90% of the media who interview Dr. Gruder are so pleased with his post-partisan interfaith approach to integrity restoration that they call upon him over and over.
    Dr. David Gruder is what radio was meant to be: informative and at the same time entertaining. David’s cutting edge thinking will keep your listeners riveted and focused on what the issues of the day really mean to them!!!” Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host Michael Ray Dresser, “Dresser After Dark” (conservative show)
    Dr. Gruder is one of the most reasonable, level-headed guests we’ve ever had on our show. He gives great interviews… whether about the economy, health care reform, political polarization, or any integrity-related story. In fact, his very strong segment on financial integrity was one of the best of the many interviews we’ve aired on this topic since the financial chaos began. We’re delighted to have him as one of our regulars!” Jack Ebling, Ebling & You, WILS Radio, Lansing, Michigan (centrist show)
    “Dr. Gruder is an excellent radio guest…clear, concise answers, informative, and most entertaining. It’s great he’s not merely an author: he belongs behind a mic!” Jerry Puffer, producer/host, KSEN Radio (progressive show)
    You’re terrific. That’s why we keep having you back.” Larry Estepa, Mornings on FamilyNet Radio, Sirius Radio Channel 131 (Christian faith-based show)
    “Dr. Gruder’s interviews are so engaging, valuable, and well-received, that I keep bringing him back for more. As a self-improvement radio show host, I read thousands of self-help books and I consider Dr. Gruder’s book, The New IQ, to be the only indispensable one. I can’t recommend it enough!” Suzanna Axisa, host of Lanto’s Lantern for the discerning self-helper (new age spirituality show)
    “I want you to know how much I enjoyed interviewing you. You were terrific. What’s more, your must-read book blows the lid off the mystery of why we have lost our moral compass today. We will have you on many times in the future. Thank you for being such a wonderful guest.” The Midnight Bookworm, Vin Smith, nationally syndicated through the CRN Digital Radio and the National Radio Network (book show)

Awards, Critical Acclaim, Clients

Dr. Gruder’s latest print book, “The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and our World,” has won six book awards since its release in 2008, in these categories:

  • Current events in politics & society
  • Social change
  • Conscious business & leadership
  • Health & wellness
  • Self-help
  • Transformational psychology

The rarity of a book winning awards in all of these categories attests to the broad appeal of Dr. Gruder’s template for integrity-centered living, loving, working and serving. (His first print book, Sensible Self-Help, won two book awards including Colliers 1997 Mental Health Book-of-the-Year.)

Critically acclaimed across an unusually wide range of disciplines, The New IQ sets a new standard for 21st century personal, relationship, societal, business, and leadership integrity-cented life fulfillment. Among the more than fifty book endorsers of The New IQ are leadership gurus like Ken Blanchard and Brian Tracy, corporate executives with Disney and Tiffany, specialists with the National Education Association, and formers presidents of the American Holistic Medical Association.

The foundation of socially responsible business practice is Integritizing your corporate culture and external image. Integritized Systems™ was developed by seasoned clinical/organizational psychologist and eight-award-winning author Dr. David Gruder. It provides what is perhaps the world’s only complete blueprint for building individual, relationship, and organizational wellbeing, success and integrity.

Dr. Gruder’s business and leadership clients have ranged from family-owned businesses to American Express work teams, from the Sanoviv Medical Institute to the San Diego Office of Education Management Academy, and from local politicians and executives to World Trade Organization ambassadors. He is the Integrity Specialist and faculty member with CEO Space, an international business development organization, and an elder with the ManKind Project. He was the Founding President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, as well as a core architect of its certification programs. He remains a senior certification trainer, consultant and continuing education provider for ACEP.

Invite Dr. Gruder to Integritize your company, organization, agency, or conference attendees so your people become role-models and champions of integrity, ethics, and character. Upgrade your public image as an integrity leader by sponsoring Dr. Gruder to provide his Integritize America programs to nonprofits and the public. Together, we can Integritize America by installing a sustainable formula for lifetime happiness, health, prosperity and problem-solving… and through this, we can restore the positive global reputation of the United States, first and foremost as a world leader in integrity.