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If you’re unhappy, unfulfilled, unsuccessful, or struggling with integrity issues, you’re living life according to a faulty formula. There are only two of them and both are tearing us apart… as individuals, couples, families, communities, nations and a planet. As long as you live your life based on either of these faulty formulas, no books, workshops, support groups or therapy will get you what you really want from life. It doesn’t matter what kinds of self-improvement you try to do, how self-sufficient you become, how much wealth you have, or how influential you are. Nothing you do will make either faulty formula work.

Tune in on Thursday September 3 (or after via recording/podcast) as we explore…

  • The two faulty formulas for living life that almost everyone uses — and why these are sabotaging your happiness, fulfillment, success and integrity.
  • The faulty life fulfillment formula that finally ripped apart my life in 2002.
  • The life fulfillment formula that works… and how it was discovered.
  • A powerful exercise to help you align your choices around the life fulfillment formula for creating sustainable happiness without sacrificing integrity or social responsibility.
  • PLUS… Integrity Issues in the News
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Integrity Talk Radio (ITR) is a weekly internet radio talk show focusing on integrity-centered living, loving, working and serving. On ITR the pursuit of sustainable happiness and social responsibility finally come together to take integrity off the endangered species list… showing you how to become the change you want to see in the world and help to create that change in our society. ITR is co-hosted by America’s Integrity Expert, Dr. David Gruder, and 44 year radio veteran Lee Mirabal.

Be an integrity spark,
David Gruder

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