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People learn, grow, and create better solutions through combining contrasting perspectives. When differing perspectives instead cause us to vilify one another, all we succeed at doing is destroying our society and ourselves. We live in an age in which more people than ever are engaging not only in wholesale dismissal of perspectives that differ from their own, but in vicious castigation of those perspectives. This is what is destroying us, not the conservative perspective, the liberal perspective or other perspectives. Dominating or destroying others who are different from us has been humanity’s history for thousands of years. This strategy is incapable of providing us with the  solutions we need to today’s challenges. The future of humanity depends on how good we get at combining contrasting perspectives to create sustainable solutions. The key to this is upgrading our analysis and problem-solving skills. On this week’s Integrity Talk Radio show you will discover the three keys to successful issue analysis and problem-solving.

Tune in on Thursday September 10 (or after via recording/podcast) as we explore…

  • The frame of mind that makes successful issue analysis and problem-solving possible — and how to develop it.
  • How to distinguish facts from interpretations and interpretations from conclusions.
  • How to participate in the magic of co-creating solutions
  • YOU WILL LEARN TO DO THIS THROUGH EXAMPLES DRAWN FROM… Integrity Issues in the News, including the controversy surrounding President Obama’s speech this week to American school children.
  • PLUS… We’ll fact-check Obama’s speech to congress about health reform… as well as the Republican rebuttal to it
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Integrity Talk Radio (ITR) is a weekly internet radio talk show focusing on integrity-centered living, loving, working and serving. On ITR the pursuit of sustainable happiness and social responsibility finally come together to take integrity off the endangered species list… showing you how to become the change you want to see in the world and help to create that change in our society. ITR is co-hosted by America’s Integrity Expert, Dr. David Gruder, and 44 year radio veteran Lee Mirabal.

Be an integrity spark,
David Gruder

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