Integritize America

The “Integritize America” Integrity Stimulus Plan

by Dr. David Gruder

A Transpartisan Master Plan for Solving America’s Problems &
Restoring U.S. Credibility as a World Leader

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The Real Reason Americans are Not Getting the Solutions We Need

  • Our constitution is great but our government is broken. Our desire for prosperity is strong but our economic system is damaged. Our wish for wellbeing keeps growing but health care grows more costly and less effective. Our desire for happiness is powerful but our vision for how to attain it is flawed. One issue lies at the heart of all of these problems:Severe integrity deficits have eroded our fundamentals as a democracy-centered republic.
  • Integrity Deficits Stem From a Faulty Formula for Life Fulfillment: The life fulfillment formula that has created our problems is: Money + Lifestyle = Life Fulfillment. On top of that, the prevailing belief has been that creating money and lifestyle requires compromising integrity and ethics. This life fulfillment formula and its accompanying belief are not only wrong; they have directly created the problems we have today. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing abundance or a particular lifestyle. What is wrong is depending on them for life fulfillment. What is wrong is sacrificing integrity for money or lifestyle. What is wrong is that this compromise creates far more damage than most people realize.
  • Compromise is the Culprit:Our faulty life fulfillment forumla is the ultimate act of dysfunctional compromise. As a society, we have compromised life fulfillment for profitability. We have compromised social responsibility for profitability. We have compromised love for profitability. We have compromised integrity for profitability. In other words, we have disconnected the dots connecting integrity, life fulfillment, social responsibility and profitability. Compromise is the problem not the solution. Compromise compromises solutions. Compromise compromises integrity. Continuing to compromise our integrity is preventing us from creating sustainable solutions to our most serious problems as a country and as a planet.
  • Continuing to cobble together cover-up compromises to deal with our economic meltdown, our health care crisis, our energy independence needs, government reorganization, and our myriad other major problems, is NOT the change we need.Our addiction to compromise is why we are not getting the solutions we need. We cannot count on compromise to fix the mess compromise created. Yet, coercion and bullying is an even worse alternative than compromise. We need a third alternative that takes us beyond both coercion and compromise. It already exists although it’s not been our top priority and too few people are trained in it. You will learn what it is in the fifth element of the Integrity Stimulus Plan.
  • Sustainable solutions start with an integrity-centered vision for restoring the fundamentals of democracyin the minds and hearts of citizens, businesses, advocacy groups, and politicians. Why? Because we have compromised our constitution in our quest for profitability and life fulfillment. Because the fundamentals of democracy call upon us to outgrow our dependence on compromise. Because virtually all well-intended people know this no matter where they fall on the political spectrum.
  • Deep down we all know this but until now a practical vision for turning this around has not been put forward.People have been waiting for a vision to rally around that re-connects the dots between integrity, life fulfillment, love, profitability and social responsibility.
  • That vision is now available.It is called the Integrity Stimulus Plan: the centerpiece of the“Integritize America” campaign. The Integrity Stimulus Plan is a synergistic combination of five key ingredients that everyday people to world leaders can use to co-create the solutions we need and feel far more fulfilled, all at the same time.

The Game Changer is Here and You Can Be Part of It!

  • The “Integritize America” Integrity Stimulus Plan is a free master plan showing individuals, businesses, communities, government and the media how to create your own Integrity Pledge to help restore integrity to life fulfillment, health, profitability, citizenship, and problem-solving.
  • The Integrity Stimulus Plan shows you how to create your personal game changer for effectively helping to create the personal, relationship and societal solutions we need. It provides a universal framework for restoring integrity and co-discovering sustainable solutions to today’s many serious challenges so you can attain the life fulfillment you seek.
  • The Integrity Stimulus Plan is transpartisan: it does not tell you what stands to take on issues. For this reason, the principles in this plan are being embraced by people across the entire political spectrum. This plan provides a transpartisan template for shifting from political polarization to problem-solving collaboration.
  • The Integrity Stimulus Plan is also interfaith: it does not tell you what religious or spiritual beliefs to hold. But, neither does it support the illusion of moral relativism. Instead, it articulates a core set of universal ethics that the world’s major religious, spiritual and secular paths have in common. Because of this, this plan provides people of all faiths with practical strategies for shifting from ideological fanaticism to collaborative coexistence.
  • The “Integritize America” Integrity Stimulus Plan revolves around five forms of integrity that have the power to turn our country around.The plan includes a step-by-step guide for creating your own personal Integrity Pledge so you can help bring about the change we REALLY need. Your Pledge will include two kinds of commitments and both will reflect your own passions and priorities: Commitments to help you become the change you want to see in the world, and commitments for how you will bring that change to those you can impact.
  • After you have created your personal Integrity Pledge, please send the Integrity Stimulus Plan(along with your Pledge if you wish) to everyone you know, asking them to do the same.This by itself is an incredibly powerful way YOU can play a vitally important role in contributing to creating sustainable solutions to today’s world-changing challenges. I urge you to do your part not only to Integritize America, but to help establish America as the world’s integrity leader because this is the most important kind of leadership the world needs today. This Integrity Stimulus Plan makesYOU the game changer!For more suggestions about how to spread the word click HERE.

True Patriotism: A Video About Restoring Integrity to Our Society and Nation

In the following highly revealing and provocative video of Dr. Gruder’s third appearance on theDefining Moment TV show, host Bret Moss interviews him about the connections between true patriotism and the Integrity Stimulus Plan.

WatchTrue Patriotism: Restoring Integrity to the Fabric of Our Society & NationinEducational & How-To

Summary of the Five “Integritize America” Integrity Stimulus Plan Ingredients

  1. Integrity Stimulus Plan Diagram

    Life Fulfillment Integrity:The recipe for life fulfillment includes three ingredients — authenticity, connection and impact. Authenticity means being who you really are. Connection means creating caring and collaborative relationships. Impact means making a positive difference in the world. This is the recipe for integrity-centered living, working, loving, and serving. After you read about what creates — and what sabotages — life fulfillment, you will be walked through the process of creating the Life Fulfillment part of your Integrity Pledge.

  2. Health Integrity:Attaining life fulfillment requires life energy for living at the intersection of authenticity, connection and impact. After you read about what healthy self-care includes and what is really causing budget-busting health care costs, you will be shown how to create the Health Integrity part of your Integrity Pledge.
  3. Money Integrity:Integrity deficits have hijacked our economic system, crippled our businesses, hamstrung our government, and damaged most people’s financial wellbeing. After you read about the fundamentals of personal and societal financial integrity, you will make your selections for the Economic Integrity part of your Integrity Pledge.
  4. Citizen Integrity:The United States Constitution created a government whose mandate is to be a servant to its citizens by operating at the intersection of preserving individual freedom and promoting the common good. In order for our Constitution to work properly in today’s world, individuals, businesses and politicians must embody new forms of personal and societal integrity. After reading about constitutional integrity and the new forms of societal integrity that are needed today, you will decide what you will include in the Citizen Integrity part of your Integrity Pledge.
  5. Problem-Solving Integrity:There are three main forms of problem-solving: coercion, compromise and collaboration (also called synergy). Coercion means making others do what you’ve decided they should do. Compromise means creating solutions that rip off everyone equally. Synergy means co-creating sustainable solutions that emerge only from combining our different perspectives to create a larger picture. This is the better alternative to compromising everyone’s perspectives in order to agree to watered-down solutions. After you read about what sabotages problem-solving and how to synergize with others, you will select in the Problem-Solving Integrity part of your Integrity Pledge what you will do to help synergy become commonplace.

Are you looking for a more deeply fulfilled life? Do you desire more loving relationships? Would you like to have real impact in helping bring about socially responsible solutions to the problems we face? Would you like to do all this without sacrificing your integrity, your ethics, or your profitability? The Integrity Stimulus Plan makes this possible. Please join me in converting our troubled times into a turning point in humanity. Return to this page on March 15, 2009 to read the complete “Integritize America” Integrity Stimulus Plan, create your personal Integrity Pledge, and forward this Plan to everyone you know so they can do the same.

The Integritize America Campaignprovides educational programs revolving around five key forms of integrity necessary for solving today’s problems. Dr. Gruder provides Integritize America resources and programs forbusinesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, religious organizations, mental health and personal development conferences, community organizations, governmental and nongovernmental groups, the media, and the general public. If your conference or organization is passionate about upgrading Corporate, Governmental or Citizen Social Responsibility, Integritize Americaprograms are a perfect fit. Contact Dr. Gruder today.

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FAQ About the Integritize America Campaign and Its Centerpiece, the Integrity Stimulus Plan
How to Become an Integritize America Corporate Sponsor


Your Integrity Stimulus Plan Summary & Integrity Pledge Creator

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Integrity Stimulus Plan Overview



FAQ About the Integritize America Campaign and its Centerpiece, the Integrity Stimulus Plan

Q: Why did you create this “Integritize America” campaign?

A: Well, frankly, someone needed to develop an integrity stimulus plan. Someone needed to lead the charge renewing personal, relationship and societal integrity. Someone needed to articulate this foundation that makes it possible to finally co-create truly sustainable solutions to today’s most challenging issues.

Q: Why are you the person to put this together?

A: I am perhaps the world’s only clinical-organizational psychologist specializing in integrity development. My mission is to help everyday people to world leaders reconnect the dots between integrity, life fulfillment, love, profitability and social responsiblity. And this is precisely what I do in the keynotes, training programs, leadership mentoring, and media interviews I provide. The transpartisan, nondenominational strategies I have developed for solving the massive integrity deficits that have caused today’s vast social, economic, and political challenges have been embraced across the political spectrum and by people of all faiths.

The Integrity Stimulus Plan is an outgrowth of my book, “The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World,” which won five book awards in the areas of “social change,” (book of the year), “current events in politics and society” (honorable mention), “health & wellness” (book of the year), “self-help” (bronze medal) and “metapsychology” (book of the year). Why so many awards in so many categories? Because it is far more than a self-help book; it is a step-by-step guide to attaining personal, relationship, and career fulfillment during difficult times without sacrificing ethics and integrity.

In addition to writing the IntegrityWatch Blogon this website, I have spoken, trained, and consulted worldwide for a wide range of fields on various aspects of integrity development. I have assisted family-owned businesses and Fortune 500 work teams. I have provided consulting and training for hospitals and mental health professionals. I have trained students, teachers, administrators and support staffs, from elementary school through graduate school. I have mentored local politicians and World Trade Organization ambassadors.

All of this is why I felt guided to create an Integrity Stimulus Plan.

Q: Why should I read the entire Integrity Stimulus Plan?

A: Simple: so you can decide whether it puts into words what you already sensed but didn’t know how to name. If that is your experience when you read my Integrity Stimulus Plan, it doesn’t really matter what my qualifications are for writing it. Because this document is transpartisan and nondenominational, I think the chances are good that you will want to make sure everyone you know reads it too. However, you should only do that if:

  1. You know that the time has come to “Integritize” citizens, government, communities, businesses, health care, education, religion, journalism, advocacy groups, and leadership.
  2. You have not seen a better document for helping this happen.

If you find that to be true for you, here’s how you can help:

  • If you are an everyday person, I hope you will become part of the Integritize America campaign by creating your personal Integrity Pledge based on this document, and by spreading the word far and wide about this document.
  • If you are a corporate executive, I hope you contact me to become an Integritize America campaign sponsor.
  • If you lead a nonprofit, community organization, service organization or religious organization, I hope you contact me to become an Integritize America partner.
  • If you are a member of the mediaplease contact me for an interview about the Integritize America campaign and the Integrity Stimulus Plan.
  • If you are an event planner, I invite you to contact me to give a keynote and/or training session on the five Integrity Stimulus Plan elements or on how to reconnect integrity, profitability, social responsibility, and life fulfillment.

You will find all of my contact information at:

Q: How can I spread the word about this Integrity Stimulus Plan?
A: For now, I encourage you to tell people about the Integrity Stimulus Plan whenever you get the chance and to direct them to your choice of www.IntegritizeAmerica.orgorwww.IntegrityStimulusPlan.orgor— they will reach this page no matter which URL you send them to. I will soon add more options for spreading the word soon, such as an audio version, an e-mail notification template, a PDF file of the Integrity Stimulus Plan, and a free eCourse version of the Integrity Stimulus Plan. But, for now, here are some spread-the-word options for you to consider:

  1. E-maileveryone you know — you can easily do this by clicking on the “E-mail this page” link at the top and bottom of this page. Download the Integrity Pledge and attach it to your e-mail!
  2. Blogs and Article Comments: Write a blog post on your own blog, on other blogs you post on, and when you comment on articles on other websites.
  3. Social Networking Sites:Post blurbs on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other social networking sites you belong to. If you are on Facebook, be sure to join Facebook’s Integritize America Integrity Stimulus Plan Promotion Group.
  4. Newsletters:Post an announcement in newsletters you receive from your company, school, place of worship, service organization, nonprofits you belong to.
  5. Media:If you know anyone in the print (newspapers, magazines), broadcast (radio, TV) or internet (blogs, podcasts, internet radio) media, suggest that they interview me. If you are a media member, do a piece about the Integrity Stimulus Plan or invite me to do an interview with you about it. Click HEREfor details.
  6. Corporate Sponsorships and Nonprofit Partnerships:If you are connected with anyone in the corporate or nonprofit worlds who might be in a position to support the Integrity Stimulus Plan, tell them about it and have them contact me. Click HEREfor more information.
  7. Have Other Ideas?Contact me with your suggestions by going to

I am grateful to you for being an integrity spark,
David Gruder


Integritize Your Company, Integritize America:
How to Become a Corporate Sponsor of the Integritize America Campaign

Most of us are now painfully aware that the underlying deficit at the heart of virtually all of our current challenges is an integrity deficit of epic proportion. Restoring financial integrity is a bigger part of eliminating this integrity deficit than most people realize. Re-building financial integrity depends in large part on birthing a new vision of doing business that creates sustainable and socially responsible profitability.

Congress and our new president appear to be too focused on financial bailouts to be birthing this new vision. Therefore, it falls upon the business world to generate effective solutions to our massive integrity deficit. The vision for how to accomplish this shift was described 10 years ago as the Triple Bottom Line: Cash Capital (profits), Natural Capital (planet), and Social Capital (people). Re-focusing on this triple bottom line is the key to sustainable business in the twenty-first century.

The Triple Bottom Line also forms the foundation of Corporate Social Responsibility which, not coincidentally, is the new wave in business. Despite the growing popularity of greening businesses, CSR is not merely about Natural Capital. Social Capital is perhaps an even bigger key to CSR and is also a vastly overlooked ingredient in creating economic sustainability.

Employees have been found to be in “pursuit of purpose-driven lives and principle-driven workplaces.” Not surprisingly, though, an estimated 22 million “actively disengaged employees” have been costing the American economy up to $350 billion per year in lost productivity.

There is thus a direct and powerful connection among: 1) The relative absence of purpose driven lives and principle-driven workplaces; 2) The dramatic under-utilization of Social Capital in most companies; and 3) Today’s society-wide epidemic of lack of integrity.

The time has come to Integritize America, which brings me to your company. Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t only the right thing to do; it is being shown to increase profits. Integritizing your company is perhaps the most impactful CSR strategy you can utilize. Not only does it make for happier and more productive employees. It provides particularly powerful ways to take a brand image — or your entire business — to the next level of positive perception and profitability.

Beneficiary and Benefactor:As “America’s Integrity Expert,” Dr. Gruder offers your company the means to become both a role-model and champion of integrity, ethics, and character… as a CSR and business integrity leader:

  • Integritize Your Company:As your company’s “Integritizer,” Dr. Gruder will train your executives, managers and front line employees in the skills natural developers intuitively use to attain life fulfillment through integrity-centered working, living, loving, and serving. Integritizing your company creates a principle-driven workplace and purpose-driven employees. This translates into increased job fulfillment, loyalty and productivity, which results in increased your profits.
  • Integritize America:Your company would also become an “Integritize America” campaign sponsor. As part of your external (public) CSR efforts, Dr. Gruder would provide integrity development training programs to the groups you most want to benefit from this training, via whichever community or nonprofit organizations you designate. Being an “Integritize America” sponsor translates into increased profits by positioning your company’s public image as a leader in embodying, inspiring, and supporting integrity.

Dr. Gruder looks forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with your company as, together, you and the Integritize America campaign help millions of Americans reconnect integrity, life fulfillment, profitability and social responsibility.

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for a video about Dr. Gruder and to read his Keynote/Workshop/Media Interview TopicDescriptions.

How to Become a Nonprofit Partner with the Integritize America Campaign

There are nonprofits and service organizations that strongly identify with Dr. Gruder’s mission of helping everyday people to world leaders reconnect the dots between integrity, life fulfillment, love, profitability and social responsibility. Dr. Gruder stands ready to help those organizarions expand their donorship, their membership, and/or their ways of assisting those they serve, through providing his keynotes, training programs, and books to them. (Corporate sponsorship would of course be needed for some of these options.)

  • Keynotes For Fundraisers: Audiences attending fundraisers for some nonprofits and service organizations would become more motivated to donate more money through discovering the connection between the Integritize America campaign, its Integrity Stimulus Plan, and that organization’s purpose and programs. You’ll find details about my Integrity Stimulus Plan at
  • Incentives For Current or Prospective Donors or Members: Some nonprofits and service organizations would benefit from using Dr. Gruder’s five-award-winning integrity book and its accompanying workbook as an incentive to increase donorship levels or build membership. You’ll find details at
  • Training For Volunteers, Members or Clients:Some nonprofits and service organizations would benefit from incorporating Dr. Gruder’s Integrity Education keynotes and training programs (as well as my book and workbook) into the programs they provide to their members, volunteers and/or those they serve. You’ll find details

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