“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” ~ Bill Nye

Some solid research is at last verifying the importance of humility in dealing with societal divisiveness, political polarization, and susceptibility to propaganda.

What is humility? It’s the ability to accurately acknowledge one’s limitations and abilities, and an interpersonal stance that is other-oriented rather than self-focused. Intellectual humility is an awareness of how incomplete and fallible one’s views on political and social issues.

What makes healthy humility so crucially important in today’s world? Here’s what research has found about this:

  • Intellectual humility appears to NOT be related to political affiliation, AND to be STRONGLY linked to curiosity, reflection and open-mindedness.
  • Those who score high on humility also score lower on measures of political and ideological polarization, whether conservative OR liberal.
  • People who score high in humility are less aggressive and less judgmental toward members of other religious groups than are less-humble people, EVEN WHEN their own religious views are challenged.
  • People scoring high in intellectual humility are not easily susceptible to attempts to their views.
  • Humility can be critical to sustaining committed relationships.

If you have humility, you’re going to love my solutions to the societal divisiveness, political polarization, governance gridlock and citizen propaganda susceptibility.

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