How eroded has US Constitutional and Government Integrity become? Has this deterioration finally reached a point where presents a clear and present danger to American citizens, and to the core vision out of which this country was created?

I am about to share with you a number of videos that are proposing a truly terrifying hypothesis: that the very foundation of the United States Constitution has become subverted to such an extreme extent that the equivalent of a coup may have actually occurred in the United States right under our noses.

I want to be explicitly clear that I have posted the following information NOT because I have decided that I believe its accuracy. The truth is that I do not yet have an opinion about it. Rather, I am researching it in order to form my own opinion, and I strongly suggest that you do too.

I am providing you with the following resources because I fervently believe that if there is ANY possibility that even a PORTION of the information they contain is accurate, we the citizens of the United States no longer have the luxury of remaining on the political sidelines as passive observers who have been trained in what psychology calls "learned helplessness."

What I do know above all else is that the greatest of all possible threats to democracy is an uninformed and uninvolved citizenry. It is in that spirit that I believe you would be wise to take to heart the following information. The more citizens who remain ignorant about these potentials, the greater the risk is that what is discussed in these videos could actually end up occurring.

I urge you to take to heart what ALL true students of history agree about, REGARDLESS of their political orientation: that the public and politicians alike have a VERY short memory when it comes to learning from history. The ONLY insurance policy against a the repetition of a Soviet-style repressive government that collapsed a mere 17 years ago (in 1991), a repetition of the violence and crackdowns of the 1960s, or the repetition of the commandeering of democracies in Italy and Germany prior to the start of World War Two, is an informed and vocal citizenry.

It’s high time for a history lesson so that we the citizens can decide for ourselves whether a profoundly dangerous repetition is indeed in the process of unfolding in the very country that Americans, many others around the world, have believed was the LAST country in which this could ever happen.

With this as background, I offer you the following videos and websites for your consideration. But, please, let me reiterate: I myself have NOT yet decided what I do and don’t believe in these videos. I urge you to research all of this information and come to your own independent conclusions about it, just as I am currently in the process of doing.

The first video is of Naomi Wolf, author of Give Me Liberty, and the co-founder and president of the Woodhull Center for Ethical Leadership, speaking about the moves that she sees the executive branch of the US government as having been making in the direction of imposing martial law on the American people:

The next very brief video clip is of US Congressman Brad Sherman, a member of the bipartisan congressional Skeptics Caucus, speaking about congresspeople having been threatened by members of the executive branch that if congress did not pass the financial bailout, martial law might have to be invoked:

Go to the My Amertica Project website and click on the link to watch the trailer of a movie based on Naomi Wolf’s other book, The End of America, that reminds people about the foundations of the US Constitution and proposes the ominous and perhaps difficult to believe possibility that those foundations are currently being undermined to far more of an extent than citizens realize:

Now, here is some information that I DO already believe. I believe in the essential accuracy and vital importance of the following three videos. In fact, I consider them absolutely mandatory for all Americans to rent (or borrow from your local library) and watch.

  1. Why We Fight is an unusually well-balanced documentary about why President Dwight Eisenhower, in his presidential farewell address, warned of the profound threats to democracy from what he called the Military-Industrial Complex. His speech draft actually used the term, Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex, but he deleted "Congressional" because he was fearful of alienating congress despite knowing that they had already become part of the problem. President Eisenhower’s prophetic warnings have far more to do with our current economic and political crises than most people realize, again because of our tendency to forget the lessons of history:
  2. John Adams is an outstanding and engaging HBO mini-series that provides vitally important information about the circumstances that the founders of the US were faced with, and the vision they birthed for this country. As you watch this important education in history, compare what you learn with our current situation:
  3. Recount is a balanced HBO documentary of what really occurred in Florida during the 2000 US Presidential Elections that hijacked the democratic process. Learn why citizens turning a blind eye to the facts about the erosion of democracy is precisely what allows democracy to continue to erode. Our unwillingness to learn from even very recent history is truly astounding: