Keynotes, training, consulting & mentoring that make happiness sustainable, collaboration productive, integrity profitable, & society healthy. Dr. Gruder’s integrative mind, huge heart, unquenchable passion, broad talents, deep integrity, & naked authenticity, equip you to succeed like never before… as a leader, executive, entrepreneur, influencer, helping professional, or self-developer. 

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Across the 48 years since developing his first training program in 1972, Dr. David Gruder (President of Integrity Culture Systems™) has created programs on 100+ topics, has architected certification & train-the-trainer programs, and has delivered keynotes & training programs in 7 countries on 3 continents. His specialty is transforming your values into skills & procedures so you & those you lead can succeed by walking your talk.


The recipient of book awards in unusually diverse areas (politics, social change, business, leadership, health & wellness, mental health, psychology, and self-help), — and personal awards in leadership, visionary leadership, and culture architecture — Radio-TV Interview Reports dubbed him America’s Integrity Expert in 2008. He has provided many hundreds of media interviews and has been featured in 24 books. Why all the awards and exposure? Because Dr. Gruder excels at making complex concepts practical, turning high intentions into reliable results, and drawing out the best in those he works with.

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    • Passionate about prosperously maximizing your positive influence in the world by Making Integrity Profitable™, Elevating Your Leadership, or Self-Development That Serves Us All™
    • Committed to becoming who you’ll need to be for your business, enterprise, or cause — and your life — to succeed
    • Devoted to thrival, not merely survival, and to succeeding without sacrificing your values, integrity, health, wellbeing, or cherished relationships
    • Seeking to be more fully authentic as a person, enjoy more deeply connected & collaborative relationships with others, & have more positive impact on the world around you
    • Wanting to do all this in ways that express your sense of spirituality

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What People Say About Dr. Gruder

Scooter McGee

“We need you back on our show!”

— Scooter McGee, Radio Show Host, Denver, Colorado

Cristina Smith

“One of our modern masters.”

— Cristina Smith, KGB Radio

Bryan Flournoy

“Dr. Gruder’s splendid book on heart-smart technology, also called emotional intelligence, nurtures the analytical mind and emotional body, the individual and the collective.”

— Bryan Flournoy, “Making It All Click” Visionary Series show host

Rob McConnell

“Today’s preeminent thought leader on practical ways to bring integrity back into daily life, relationships, business, politics, the media, eduction, and religion.” — Rob McConnell, X-Zone Radio

— Rob McConnell, X-Zone Radio

Hope Phillips Umansky

“Heartfelt thanks for your presentation, “The Hijacking of Health and the Future of the Field,” at CIHS’ annual conference. The feedback from the conference attendees was phenomenal. Some of the words they used were: inspirational, passionate, captivating, lit my fire, engaging, funny, moving, and the list continues. Almost all stated they would attend again to hear more from you. As the event planner, I also thank you for the ease of collaboration while we were in the planning and execution stages. Your sincere willingness to customize your topic and presentation format to meet the unique niche of our audience’s needs/interests, while also simultaneously supporting our highest interests and principles, was truly outstanding. We would be most honored to work with you again in any capacity. Thank you for your tremendous contribution to the success of our event.”

— Hope Phillips Umansky, PhD, Former Dean of Academic Affairs & Administration/Director of Psychology Programs, California Institute for Human Science

Hemda Mizrahi

“Dr. Gruder is a highly generous, attuned, responsive, receptive facilitator with a helpful proportion of structure and flexibility. It was a privilege to be part of his training. He did an excellent job of encouraging and responding to active participation and questions. He stuck to the time parameters and engaged consensus for changes that were in the group’s best interests.”

— Hemda Mizrahi, Professional Counselor

Stephanie D’Angelo

“Excellent expertise and facilitation. Great balance between data/conceptual information and experiential learning. An outstanding presenter and master teacher.”

Stephanie D’Angelo, Entrepreneur

Rich Weisberg, PhD

“David was the best trainer ever. The two days never dragged. He was highly engaging, knowledgeable and warm. I came from a long distance and am so glad I did.” — Rich Weisberg, PhD, Psychologist

— Rich Weisberg, PhD, Psychologist

Carol Wachniak

“Dr. Gruder’s Integrity Leadership training is the foundation to building a strong company or organization. In today’s world the upsets are a result of unclear understanding of what people are experiencing and not knowing how to handle it. The tools he provides can change the world’s culture to be in integrity. Incorporate personally and you can become the change you desire globally.”

— Carol Wachniak, Co-founder, Educational Foundation for the Children of Fiji

Dr. Beverly Rubik

“One of the leaders of the renewed human potential movement and energy psychology! You wowed us with your amazing presentations!”

— Dr. Beverly Rubik, Director, Center for Frontier Science

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