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Dr. David Gruder, PhD

The Power of Integrity: From Disintegration to Integration

“Maybe our political and economic system should just declare moral bankruptcy and start over.”
— Swami Beyondananda

Considering all the finger pointing going on during our current economic and political crises, we might remember the old adage that for every finger that points to someone else, three point back to oneself.  Join us, and guest Dr. David Gruder as we discuss “the New I.Q.” – Integrity Intelligence.  Writes Gruder, “People from all walks for life, cultural backgrounds, ideologies and political orientations are reconnecting with the crucial importance of restoring integrity in our society. The New Silent Majority is weary of our culture of spin (deception) and our politics of polarization (hatred).  The key to doing your part to help end our current Age of Spin & Polarization is to become a Freesponsible Citizen: someone who lives their daily life at the intersection of individual freedom and societal responsibility.”

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David Gruder, PhD, DCEP, is perhaps the world’s only clinical-organizational psychologist specializing in integrity development.  Known as "The Integritizer" and "The Integrity Warrior," he provides transpartisan perspectives about how to solve the massive integrity deficits that have caused today’s social, economic, and political challenges. His latest book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and our World, has won three awards in the areas of social change, health & wellness, and self-help. Dr. Gruder has launched the "Integritize America Campaign" to spark a renewal of integrity at all levels of our society that we so deeply need. Details at

Listen to the interview: