What if you could reduce your nutritional supplements to just 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening… AND get better results?

You may have heard me give one of my keynotes on the Hijacking of Health, but did you know that nutritional supplements is an $18 billion industry that’s plagued by insufficient research data, really inconsistent quality control, poor digestive absorption, and significant consumer confusion?

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Nutritional supplements that COULD be really good for us AREN’T always as good as we hope. As a but one of too many examples, in January 2015 New York’s Attorney General was going after a number of supplement companies for saying they have ingredients in their products when they don’t.

I’ve been in the integrative health field since 1976. In fact, I was perhaps the first psychologist to be certified in holistic health, when I was an administrator for the original (and now long-gone) integrative medicine professional association, the Association for Holistic Health. I’ve seen a lot of junk and fads come and go during the nearly 40 years between then and now. A relentless parade, actually. Over the course of these decades, I’ve explored more resources than you can shake a stick at. My ongoing quest has been to find the ones that best support my optimal health and the health of those I serve.

Once every 5 years or so I come across a breakthrough that adds such vastly superior support for my wellbeing that I notify others about it. That’s why I’ve written this for you. I recently found a nutritional supplement that is better than being as good as I hope — it exceeds my hope. For the first time perhaps ever, I’ve found a full-spectrum, nature-based, highly absorbable nutritional supplement; one that’s backed up with solid research data and that’s providing me with benefits that I personally value very highly. (By the way, in case you’re wondering, this is NOT an MLM product.)

Cutting to the chase, I’ve arranged for you to receive a free trial supply of this supplement so you can decide first-hand if it does for you what the research indicates it does for the majority of people, and what it’s doing for my wife and me. If you want to go straight to this opportunity without reading the rest of this message, you won’t hurt my feelings.

Here’s the link: www.healthycell.com/davidgruder/s/. If you prefer more details first before deciding whether to take advantage of the free trial I’ve arranged for you through that page, read on.

If you’ve followed my work for awhile you know how rarely I promote other people’s resources. That’s because I’m a highly skeptical “professional guinea pig” who culls through countless resources in order to find needles in proverbial haystacks. I don’t waste your time telling you about all the resources I’ve tried and found lacking. You only hear from me on the truly rare occasions when I’ve found one that I believe is a major breakthrough AND that I have personally been getting outstanding benefits from.

As a personal development expert I’ve told you about the psychotherapy & self-development methods that are for me the big winners. As an integrative wellbeing expert I’ve only let you know about the most stellar optimal health and quality of life resources I’ve found. And within that, two or three times a decade I come upon a nutritional supplement that exceeds my criteria for being worthy of sharing with you.

GUINEA PIGGING MYSELF ON healthycell™plus:

Healthycell™ PlusLate last year, two colleagues — physician Dr. Alice Pien, MD, and neuro-biochemistry researcher Dr. Asher Milgrom, PhD, from American Aesthetics & Wellness — gave me a sample supply of healthycell™plus, a nutritional supplement developed by Nobel Prize nominee and Edison Award winner Vincent Giampapa, MD, that met their highly demanding criteria for ingredients, quality, and research verification.

As much as I trust Drs. Pien’s and Milgrom’s professional opinions, I first reviewed the ingredients and research myself before deciding whether to try the sample they gave me. After looking closely at the ingredients I became very curious to give it a try because of how impressed I was by the formulation. It intuitively seemed to me that the synergy these ingredients would create had the potential to produce outstanding benefits… if the quantities were high enough and the formulation was bioavailable (that is, easily absorbed during digestion).

So I once again stepped into my skeptical guinea pig role. After using these supplements for only about a week or so, I noticed that my sleep was already becoming noticeably more rejuvenating and that my energy, focus and mental vitality were becoming stronger and more consistent during the day. What further impressed me was that I was getting the same benefits that the research demonstrated the majority of people receive, my skepticism began to soften a bit. This softened my skepticism a bit.

I told my wife Laurie Morse, L.Ac., about what I was experiencing. She is a licensed Acupuncturist and nutrition expert who has, by many orders of magnitude, more expertise in healthcare than me. She agreed to look over the ingredients and let me know what she thought. Even though Laurie might be even more skeptical than me when it comes to supplements, she was sufficiently impressed that she decided to try this supplement too. After she too experienced noticeable benefits that paralleled what the research had verified, she decided to let her patients know about it. This softened my skepticism even more.

Now, I want you to know that it’s a very rare day in our house when both of us agree that we’ve found something special in the nutritional supplement realm. Truth be told, we have been healthcare professionals for so long that we are pretty jaded about this sort of stuff. Yet, we were impressed by the thoughtfulness that went into Healthycell™ Plus’s ingredient selection, and became even more when we started experiencing the benefits the research indicates that the majority of users are getting.

For me in particular, being able to bring just two supplements to take each morning and each evening when I’m working on the road has simplified my nutritional supplementation dramatically. This is far better than the “less filling, tastes great” commercials: for me, Healthycell™ Plus means “fewer supplements, feel even better.”

I next decided to meet with the current and former CEOs of the Cellhealth™ Institute, the company that produces healthycell™plus. And I must tell you that even though I’m pretty sure you already know how high my integrity standards are, I’ve become quite impressed by their integrity. I was in particular taken by the lengths to which the company has gone in order to bring a best-in-market product to the nutritional supplements industry. And, at the risk of unintentionally putting you off if you’re a fan of MLM (multi-level/network marketing), I was frankly pleased that they’re not an MLM company.

I’m delighted to announce a really wonderful opportunity for you that grew out of my discussions with them. In return for my putting my credibility on the line by recommending healthycell™plus to you, they agreed to offer “my people” two things:

  1. A FREE TRIAL OF healthycell™plus: Evaluate for yourself whether you get valuable benefits from this full-spectrum daily supplement. After you submit your request you’ll also receive a detailed education about cell health through a series of emails designed to help you make an even more informed choice about whether to stick with these supplements.*
  2. A PERPETUAL DISCOUNT: If you decide that Healthycell™ Plus is right for you, you’ll have access to a special lower price I arranged for you that isn’t otherwise available on their website: $10 off not merely your first order, but your monthly supply thereafter.**


  • If you are at all curious about whether healthycell™plus could be useful for you, activate your free trial right now by clicking on www.healthycell.com/davidgruder/s/.
  • If you’ve already received your free trial of healthycell™plus, here’s how to take advantage of the exclusive ongoing discount I arranged for you:
    1. Go to www.healthycell.com/davidgruder/o/
    2. Click on the Order With Discount button to add healthycell™plus to your cart
    3. When the discount field appears toward the end of your checkout process, enter the code DG10
    4. Select my name (David Gruder) as the referrer if you’re used to do that. (If you are, you need to select my name to be eligible for this exclusive ongoing discount that I arranged for you.)

Again, the Cellhealth Institute™ is not an MLM company. This means you can be sure that I’m not telling you about healthycell™plus because I’m trying to build a downline. That’s never been my thing anyway. No, I’m letting you know about healthycell™plus because there are far too many junk nutritional supplements on the market. Now that I have finally found a full-spectrum nutritional supplement that’s as helpful to my wife and me as healthycell™plus, I want to sing it from the rooftops!

At the same time, walking my talk about full integrity, transparency, and informed consent, please keep the following in mind:

  • I’m not a physician so this of course is not a medical recommendation. I am simply sharing with you my immense personal satisfaction with using healthycell™plus, offering you the opportunity to evaluate what it does for you at no cost to you, and providing you with my exclusive perpetual discount if you decide this full-spectrum nutritional supplement is for you. As a consumer you and only you hold the freedom to choose which resources you utilize, the responsibility to make informed choices on your own behalf about these, and the option to make your choices in consultation with your chosen healthcare professional(s).
  • I’ll receive an affiliate commission when you purchase your discounted healthycell™plus through me.** Let me put this in context, though. Consider for a moment that:

1) I have never in my career recommended anything that I’ve not guinea pigged myself on first

2) I receive an ongoing parade of products that people want me to bless that you never hear about from me

3) Over the years you’ve seen me promote only a handful of products that are not my own and rarely do I receive an affiliate commission for these

4) I arranged a try before you buy opportunity for you so you’re doing nothing on blind faith and everything based on informed self-responsible choicemaking.

5) I can think of only two other nutritional supplements that I was so impressed by during the past 10 years that I publicized them. (I continue to use both of those specialized supplements to this day on an as-needed basis.)

6) healthycell™plus is the very first full-spectrum (in contrast to specialized) nutritional supplement I’ve ever been so impressed by that I expect to keep taking it daily for the rest of my life. So, for me, the affiliate commission is dessert; it’s getting the word out about healthycell™plus that’s the main course.

Here again is the link to get your free trial of healthycell™plus: www.healthycell.com/davidgruder/s/. And here again is the special private perpetual discount code I secured for you if you find that you benefit from healthycell™plus like I am: DG10

I look forward to hearing about your experience with healthycell™plus!

To your optimal health,
David Gruder, PhD

PS: Here one last time is your free trial link and your perpetual discount code:

  • Activate your healthycell™plus free trial here: www.healthycell.com/davidgruder/s/
  • To get the healthycell™plus ongoing discount that I arranged for you, go to www.healthycell.com/davidgruder/o/, click on the Order With Discount button, add healthycell™plus to your cart, enter the code DG10 when the field for entering it appears toward the end of your checkout process, and select my name (David Gruder) as the referrer so your private exclusive ongoing discount is approved (if you’re asked for it).