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Dr. Gruder Presents on
Monday October 19, 2020
7pm Central Time
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“Accountability” is a word that activates a lot of negative thoughts and feelings in many people.

There are three very good reasons for this.

  1. Some of us are Accountability Allergic: we have been manipulated, shamed, or punished by “accountability abusers” who have hijacked accountability to exert toxic power and control
  2. Others of us are Accountability Avoidant: we view accountability as a burden or a necessary evil.
  3. Of those of us who authentically value the concept of accountability, most are Accountability Illiterate: we don’t know how to turn accountability from a great concept into practical procedures that produce great results.

In truth, authentic accountability is a joy creating self-development tool that builds good will, trust and collaboration among people. However, it can only do this through specific kinds of procedures that create positive impacts. In this powerful program, 12-award-winning business success psychologist Dr. David Gruder takes you on a not-to-be-missed journey through four key procedures that turn accountability from a dreaded weapon into a valued ally.

Dr. David Gruder is the 12-award-winning integrative psychologist and Human Potential Strategist & Tactician who equips leaders & influencers to become SuperChange Catalysts™ who facilitate “Self-Sovereignty That Serves Us All + Governance That Serves Self-Sovereignty™.

As President of Integrity Culture Systems™, he provides keynotes, training, consulting, & mentoring worldwide in making integrity profitable, entrepreneurs effective, collaborative teams productive, happiness sustainable, and society healthy.

Named America’s Integrity Expert by Radio-TV Interview Report, Dr. Gruder is the recipient of an unusually broad range of awards, a few of of which include visionary leadership, conscious business, health & wellness, social change, culture creation, and current events in politics & society.

He has been featured dozens of times in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and NonProfit Performance magazines, and has authored, co-authored, or been featured in 24 books.

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