It truly scares me how many US citizens don’t understand the fundamental lies about health insurance that are being spread by elected officials and ideologically blind pundits. They are currently putty in the hands of lobbyists, and you’re being manipulated by their toxic propaganda too.

Regardless of whether you support or oppose a government-sponsored health insurance option, and regardless of the extent to which you support "freesponsible capitalism" as I do, you absolutely must watch this Bill Moyers video. Unless you get this education, you won’t know the BS that’s REALLY at the root of US health care reform gridlock!

Here’s the link to the video, the audio, the transcript and tons of background information if you want to explore further (and if you live in the US you owe it to yourself to go further on this issue!)

Get informed. Then return here to this IntegrityWatch Blog post to add your thoughts to what I have written.