I’m delighted you’re interested in receiving the slides from my Energy Medicine Exchange presentation on the “Six Questions Healers & Their Clients Have… and How Energy Psychology Methods Answer Them.” As you know from viewing my talk, the slides include:

  • The six universal questions helping professionals, clients and self-improvers have about how to make interventions as successful as possible
  • The treatment superstructure that translates these questions into self-development success
  • How effective Energy Psychology practitioners implement this superstructure
  • Useful ways to “Rate Your Proficiency” with each superstructure element in order to enhance effectiveness

To access and download your free PDF containing the slides from my talk, scroll down to complete the form at the bottom of this page, follow the simple instructions from there, and the PDF will be available to you in no time!

And if you haven’t yet viewed my talk, or want to watch it again, click here to watch free! (opens new window)


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