Are you disgusted by the pandemic of lack of integrity that permeates all segments of society, including politics? If so, you are a member of the New Silent Majority. Unlike the original Silent Majority that began to be mobilized in the late 1960s, the New Silent Majority cuts across the entire political spectrum and all walks of life.

The time has come to mobilize this New Silent Majority into a political force that is at least as influential as the original Silent Majority came to be. This mobilization will easily occur as growing numbers of people like you heed the call to become Savvy Citizens.

I am now in the process of developing a Savvy Citizen™ training program that is an outgrowth of the material in my two-award-winning book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our Word.

I have just released the first step toward becoming a more Savvy Citizen: a free resource for upgrading your Voter Savvy.

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Voter Savvy requires paying fuller attention to three things:

1. America’s Mission Statement: the Preamble to the Constitution. This single paragraph reveals what everyone running for national political office in the U.S. needs to be committed to preserving, protecting and defending. Because of this, it provides voters dedicated to upgrading their Voter Savvy with important clues about some key qualities to evaluate in deciding who to vote for.

2. Transpartisan Leadership Integrity Traits: We have over and over again seen how partisan politics creates government gridlock, and how bipartisan compromises create watered-down solutions that fail to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Because of this, voters need to start assessing in candidates something that is even more important than their political ideology, affiliation and positions on the issues. Creating solutions in today’s profoundly complex world requires politicians who are strong in a short list of transpartisan leadership integrity skills. Citizens with the most Voter Savvy select the candidates in whom they believe these qualities are the most developed. The problem is that most voters have not yet been educated about what these qualities are or how to assess them.

3. Spin Busting: Today’s world suffers from a pervasive lack of integrity at all levels of society, including politics. Spin is the most pervasive form of Political Junk Food that we are being fed today. Spin reflects a profound lack of integrity. Because sophisticated spin doctors are gifted at making spin appear to be facts, what you think is fact is usually spin. Voter Savvy therefore also requires becoming good at separating spin from facts. Fortunately, this is now easier to do than ever before, if you know where to look.

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Providing details about these Voter Savvy skills is far beyond what can be covered in a blog post. I have therefore just released a free resource to help everyone from conservatives to independents to progressives upgrade their Voter Savvy.

This audio and special report provides you with best-of-the-best Voter Savvy tips and strategies from the scores of radio interviews I have given on Government and Citizen Integrity. This information has been enthusiastically received by radio show hosts and listeners across the entire political spectrum, and across the United States and Canada. This is why you can trust that my material is truly transpartisan.

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So, if you are looking for powerful ways to evaluate candidates that go beyond their political party and their ever-changing stances on the issues, do make a point of listening to my free Voter Savvy audio and reading my accompanying free special report.

I do not talk about who you should vote for. I instead answer the questions that voters have taught me they have about about how to become better at assessing candidates in order to feel more confident about their voting decisions.

Even though this audio was recorded on October 14, 2008, its timeless content provides simple strategies for assessing any political candidate running for any office in any election. While it is primarily geared toward U.S. citizens, the universal principles I cover apply to any country that is a true democracy.

If you’re tired of a steady diet of Political Junk Food, this free Voter Savvy resource is the Political Health Food banquet you’ve been looking for.

TO READ MORE DETAILS BEFORE GETTING YOUR COPY, click HERE or go to and click on the link at the top of the left column. This course has been embraced by people across the entire political spectrum, from conservatives to independents to liberals. You owe it to yourself to take a look, especially since it’s free! Click HERE.