July 2013 CEO Space Forum – What I’ll Do for You

Can I Help You Achieve What You Want to Accomplish at the Next CEO Space Forum?

If you’re an entrepreneur who is birthing your business or in modest revenue, you know that your success depends on: 1) Selecting the right resources in the best sequence; 2) Creating effective agreements with them that get you the results you most need next; and 3) Bringing them into high productivity & high enjoyability collaboration with you and the rest of your team. I’m on CEO Space’s faculty to help you and your team take your next step toward becoming who your venture needs you to be for it to succeed.

If you’re the CEO of an established company that embraces Internal Corporate Responsibility, you know that an essential key to your profits and reputation is creating a purpose driven, high productivity, high enjoyability corporate culture. I’m on CEO Space’s faculty to help you discover how to become more effective at helping your company develop this kind of culture so it can fulfill its mission and maximize its profits.

If you’re a professional who is making the shift into becoming an entrepreneur, you know there’s a world of difference between a professional’s marketing mindset & monetization strategies, and an entrepreneur’s. I’m an Entrepreneur Development Psychologist who is on CEO Space’s faculty to help you discover how to transform from a talented professional into a successful entrepreneur.

If you’re the Founder or Executive Director of a nonprofit or cause-based organization, you know that an essential key to your success is ensuring that your employee, volunteer and donor culture is purpose driven, high productivity and high fulfillment. I’m a Purpose Driven Culture Architect who is on CEO Space’s faculty to help you discover how to create an organizational culture that is highly attractive to donors, volunteers and/or members.

I’m Dr. David Gruder, the Business Peak Performance Psychologist & High Performance Culture Architect who makes integrity profitable, and I look forward to serving you in my classes, at my meal tables and in individual meetings with you.

Here is how you can tap into my areas of expertise during the July 2013 CEO Space Forum(If you’re an entrepreneur, corporate CEO, or nonprofit leader, but you aren’t yet a CEO Space member, take a look at what you’re missing!) If you’re a member, you can set a time for an on-site individual consultation with me during the Forum by clicking here or in link at the end of the second bullet in the “Member Consultations” section below.

Member Classes (CEO Space Faculty teach classes without “pitching from the platform!”)

  • HOW & WHEN TO SELECT A MENTOR (co-taught with Hugh Ballou): Tuesday July 23, 11:30-1:00pm, in the Salon I & II meeting room
  • Description: You’ve come to CEO Space with a project you’re juiced about. But… are you experienced enough to take it from concept through creation, skilled enough to take it from modest revenue to sustainable profitability, or seasoned enough to expand or exit wisely? When is it in your best interest to have a mentor at your side who can help you see what you don’t see, develop the skills your venture needs you & your team to have for it to succeed, sequence your venture’s development in optimal ways, make the most of the unexpected, and/or hold you accountable for staying on track? And when it is in your best interest to have a mentor, how do you select one? The answers to these questions & more will be illuminated in this crucial new class by Dr. David Gruder & Hugh Ballou.
    Who Will Benefit: Entrepreneurs & CEOs in all phases of business development who want to avoid the energy drain, time sucks and wasted money that lead to entrepreneur failure,  acquire the mindset, habits, and skills that successful entrepreneurs intuitively develop, and have a great time doing it.

    Attendees Will Learn: The risks you take by not engaging a main mentor prior to retaining other resources, the benefits of collaborating one, when to engage them, how to select the right one for you, and how to maximally utilize the one you choose.

  • TUESDAY NIGHT SNAP – SUPER NETWORKING ACCELERATES PROGRESS: Tuesday July 23, 8:00 to 10:30pm, in the Pavilion: To help you get the most out of this powerfully effective and extremely fun networking game, I will teach you the psychology behind maximizing your results. You’ve never seen SNAP taught this way unless you’ve attended a prior SNAP that I’ve led, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor to be there from the start!
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM CREATION & LEADERSHIP (co-taught with Hugh Ballou) – Sunday July 28, 9:00 to 10:30am in Olive Grove meeting room:
  • Description:  As an entrepreneur, your venture is by definition large enough to require more than just you. But do you know which resources it will require, when to activate which & for what scope of work, how to select the right team member to fill each role, how to create sound agreements with them, and how to maximize results? The answers to these questions & more will be illuminated in this crucial new class.
    Who Will Benefit: Entrepreneurs & CEOs in all phases of business development who want to build the kind of company culture that prevents energy drains, time sucks, needless conflict, and wasted money (all of which occur when an entrepreneur selects the wrong resources at the wrong time for the wrong scope of work, at the wrong price, with the wrong agreements… and/or doesn’t know how to productively integrate them into their team, collaboratively correct what they’re doing when needed, and implement culture-enhancing accountability processes.
    This Class is Well Worth Getting Up For on the Morning of Sunday Implosion so You Can Discover How to…
    • Avoid costly mistakes by accurately determining the kinds of resources, experts & team members your venture most needs next
    • Effectively put the five key team leadership dimensions to work on behalf of your venture’s success
    • Transform the individuals you select into a high performance collaboration team

Member Brain-Tithing Consultations (CEO Space Faculty serve you during Forums without holding back & without selling our services!)

  • Meal Tables (Group Consultation/Networking): I will be hosting 12 meal tables with small groups of members, during which, in addition to networking with one another. I will hosting tables at all hosted meals EXCEPT breakfast on Tuesday & Friday morning. (If this is your first Forum, Friday graduation dinner is open seating.)
  • Individual Consultations: I will be brain-tithing my expertise as an Entrepreneur MacroMentor™ (helping you avoid mistakes that unsuccessful entrepreneurs make, and advising you on who your venture needs you to become for it to succeed) and as a Collaboration Culture Architect™ (advising you on High Performance Collaboration processes & skills that build highly productive, happy, fulfilled & loyal teams). To reserve your 25 minute consultation, please click on the following link to schedule you time (this link takes you to my TimeTrade scheduler): www.DrGruder.com/meeting. Because our time will go by quickly, please arrive prepared to tell me what you most want to accomplish so we can maximize the value you get from our consultation.

I will also be leading behind-the-scenes training programs for faculty, and for the teen program as well, schedule permitting.