Your people’s level of emotional, collaboration, & accountability intelligence – and your own – will make or break even the best business idea. I am Dr. David Gruder, the clinical & organizational development psychologist who helps you optimize your (and your team’s) people skills for maximum productivity, success… & enjoyability! I look forward to serving you in my classes, at my meal tables and in individual meetings with you.

Here are the resources I’ll be providing during the May 2013 CEO Space Forum(If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or nonprofit director, but aren’t yet a CEO Space member, take a look at what you’re missing!) To set a time for an onsite individual consultation during the Forum, click on the link at the end of the second bullet in the “Member Consultations” section below.

Member Classes (CEO Space Faculty teach classes without “pitching from the platform!”)

  • BREAKDOWN REPAIR TECHNOLOGY: Tuesday May 21, 2:30-4:00pm
    Description: Agreement breakdowns happen. Successful entrepreneurs know how to handle them in ways that build your team & maximize results. That’s what you’ll learn how to do in this class.

    Who Will Benefit: Entrepreneurs & CEOs in all phases of business development who want to maximize productivity through making collaboration enjoyable & effective.Attendees Will Learn: 1) Six common sources of collaboration breakdowns; 2) How to instill healthy responsibility & collaborative accountability in yourself & your team members; 3) A practical three-step process for transforming breakdowns into increased collaboration, productivity & fulfillment.

  • SNAP – SUPER NETWORKING ACCELERATES PROGRESS: Tuesday May 21, 8:00 to 10:30pm: To help you get the most out of this powerfully effective and extremely fun networking game, I will teach you the psychology behind maximizing your results. You’ve never seen SNAP taught this way unless you’ve attended a prior SNAP that I’ve led, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor to be there from the start!
  • COOPERATIVE BREAKDOWN PROCESS: Thursday May 23, 4:15-5:30pm
    Description: Building a business requires frequent mid-course adjustments. Effective correction skills enable you to maximizes team member performance. The four-step Cooperative Corrections Process empowers you to do this.
    Who Will Benefit: Entrepreneurs & CEOs in all phases of business development who want to maximize productivity through making collaboration enjoyable & effective.
    Attendees Will Learn: 1) Why venture development is a constant correction process; 2) Why collaborative correction is the superior way to attain sustained productivity & profitability; 3) The four elements of the Collaborative Correction Process.
  • WHO SHOULD I CHOOSE? – Sunday May 26, 9:30 to 10:30am (David Gruder & Hugh Ballou):

    Description: Wondering how to best proceed? With whom? With what level of agreement? How to keep it all on track? Creating a successful a business or nonprofit as an entrepreneur is very much like building a plane that’s never been built before, learning how to fly it, and creating the airline that will provide it to the public. You’d better know it’s worth creating, have a great game plan and the right people around you so you can succeed, and know how to lead them and the process to sustainability. Shortcuts generally end up costing too much and taking too long.
    In this class worth getting up for, you’ll discover how to…
    • Avoid costly mistakes caused by “Forum Overwhelm” or “Forum Intoxication”
    • Select the experts & resources that are best matched with what most serves your venture NEXT within your current budget constraints
    Don’t fall prey to the competition virus: you owe it to your venture to pressure-proof yourself so you are free to hire the right people at the right time for the right reasons and at the right price.
    • Key mistakes entrepreneurs make because of “Forum Overwhelm” or “Forum High/Intoxication”
    • “Phases” Framework for selecting the type of expert(s)/resource(s) that will most benefit you next
    • Key tips for getting your best results from your “Next” resource

Member Brain-Tithing Consultations (CEO Space Faculty serve you during Forums without holding back & without selling our services!)

  • Meal Tables: I will be hosting 12 meal tables with small groups of members, during which, in addition to networking with one another. I will hosting tables at all hosted meals EXCEPT breakfast on Monday & Thursday morning. (If this is your first Forum, Friday graduation dinner is open seating.
  • Individual Consultations: I will be brain-tithing my expertise as an Entrepreneur MacroMentor™ (helping you avoid mistakes that unsuccessful entrepreneurs make, and advising you on who your venture needs you to become for it to succeed) and as a Collaboration Culture Architect™ (advising you on High Performance Collaboration processes & skills that build highly productive, happy, fulfilled & loyal teams). To reserve your 25 minute consultation, please click on the following link to schedule you time (this link takes you to my TimeTrade scheduler):

Faculty Training (in addition to our Tuesday morning Faculty Meeting during the member Rules Class)

  • The Faculty’s New Road Map for Guiding Members Through the Phases of Entrepreneurial Project Development (Wednesday May 22, 9:30-11;30am): I, with the help of the faculty who volunteered to be part of the “Phases” team, will continue the process of facilitating the faculty in developing & implementing a new standardized CEO Space sequencing framework to help members to supercharge their success rate & speed in the least expensive ways possible.

Club Presidents Training

  • Rehearsing for Proficiency: Hugh Ballou, Bill Stierle, David Corbin, and I will be facilitating CPs in continuing to upgrade the effectiveness of their scripts for locating & identifying leads, turning the right leads into prospects, turning the right prospects into members, and getting those members committed to attending the next Forum. If you’re a CP and didn’t receive the training schedule via email, your copy should be waiting for you when you check in at the Forum registration desk.