CIHS Symposium 2017

Dr. Gruder to Give Opening Keynote: “How Mental Health Professionals Can Help Reset Social Consciousness by Upleveling Clients’ Relationships With Power”

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Exciting discoveries, innovations, & research are emerging at the forefront of consciousness and healing. This includes…

  • Subtle energy healing & intentionality
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Ancient and contemporary healing practices
  • Models of the subtle body
  • Chi energy measuring devices
  • Reflections on how these insights & praxis might help create a more healthful, peaceful, & just society.

How might the evolution of consciousness & healing practices be guided by scientific research discoveries? How might these practices inform new research studies & ways of conducting research?

Now you can explore all of this and more. With a brilliant array of world class innovators & researchers. At the California Institute for Human Science’s 2017 Summer Symposium. This year’s theme is “Forefront Consciousness & Healing Science Research: Reports from the Field.”

Keynote Speakers Include…

  • David Gruder, PhD
  • Beverly Rubik, PhD
  • Paul Mills, PhD
  • Christine Stevens, PhD
  • Shamini Jain, PhD
  • Mary Clark, PhD
  • Gaetan Chevalier, PhD
  • Rick Jelusich, PhD
  • Randy Fauver, PhD
  • Grucharan Khalsa, PhD


  • July 8, 2017, from 8:30 am – 6 pm, with a social hour from 6- 7pm AND
  • July 9, 2017, from 8:30 am- 5:30 pm, followed by a conference closing.

What (The Schedule — Who’s Speaking on What & On Which Day/Time)


  • At CIHS’s beautiful Encinitas campus.
  • 701 Garden View Court, Encinitas, CA 92024, USA

Your Investment

  • Single Presentation, without academic credit: $40
  • Saturday only, without academic credit: $230
  • Sunday only, without academic credit: $200
  • Both Days, without academic credit: $430
  • Both Days, with 2 units of academic credit: $560 [$450 for grandfathered students].
  • Optional Lunch: $30 for both days [must be paid no later than July 1st].

How to Register

About Dr. Gruder’s Opening Keynote: “How Mental Health Professionals Can Help Reset Social Consciousness by Upleveling Clients’ Relationships With Power”

“The country’s divided as it’s never been before in my lifetime.” ~ Patrick Buchanan

Our society’s psyche is currently in a state of distress that is arguably significantly deeper than it’s been since the 1960s. A particularly large elephant that’s causing excessive distress in our societal living room is our dysfunctional relationship with power. People across the political and ideological spectrum appear to hold the belief that power is widely being misused and abused. Especially at the top levels of governmental and corporate leadership. This belief might indeed be the biggest one that the political left and right are able to agree upon at the present time.

Dr. Gruder has been helping leaders and citizens across the political spectrum deal with Political Polarization Stress Disorder since 10pm on election night in November 2016. Based on these experiences, his “report from the field” proposes a roadmap for accomplishing this in authentically transpartisan ways and ends with a research recommendation. This address:

  1. Describes the anatomy of our society’s dangerously deteriorated and dysfunctional relationship to power (both in leaders and citizens/consumers the Hijacking of Power);
  2. Defines key distortions about power that appear to be fueling Political Polarization Stress Disorder (Power Shadow);
  3. Illuminates a psychological perspective on what could be called Higher Human Power (a spiritually, archetypal, psychologically and ethically healthy replacement for society’s harmful notions of power);
  4. Details an integrated step-by-step set of skills that enable leaders and the public to uplevel their Power Effectiveness in ethical and socially responsible ways that can immunize them from daily attempts to manipulate thinking, diminish freedom, and distort the pursuit of happiness; and
  5. Proposes why mental health professionals are not only uniquely qualified to help clients heal their relationship with power and then teach them the skills to ethically uplevel their personal power effectiveness, but why they arguably have an ethical responsibility to do so.
  6. Offers a research suggestion for verifying the therapeutic benefits of healing client power issues and upleveling their power skills effectiveness.

The time is now for our society to undergo a major Power Reset™. From citizens to the boardroom to international leaders, and everyone in between. With helping professionals helping to lead the way. During Dr. Gruder’s keynote you’ll discover how this Power Reset™ can happen.

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