For Mental Health Professionals & Self-Developers

A new kind of perfect marriage between mental health professionals and self-developers is emerging in the twenty-first century.

On the one hand, self-developers want more sustainable progress in less time. They want the practicalities of “how-to,” not the philosophies of “why to.” And while they’re getting tired of getting burned by non-mental-health professionals claiming to know what they’re doing, they’re also leery of not making progress with mental health professionals who might be well-trained but who nonetheless don’t do much good.

On the other hand, mental health professionals are getting paid less and less by managed care companies to see clients, while also being required to spend more and more time on paperwork that doesn’t serve their clients. Market pressures are forcing them into recognizing that psychotherapy-as-usual doesn’t build waiting list private practices. And even if they could find enough clients to do sixty sessions a week they value their mental health too much to burn themselves out that way.

So, what’s the new kind of perfect marriage between self-developers and mental health professionals? High quality self-development resources from mental health professionals, such as books, ebooks, audios, videos, courses and membership websites. These PsychInfoProducts™ enable mental health professionals to turn portions of their expertise into semi-passive streams of income through providing self-developers with valuable skills they seek but aren’t getting from most non-mental-health infoproduct producers. High quality self-development material also gives psychotherapy clients the skills they need in order to make far more progress in counseling and psychotherapy in far less time.

Transforming mental health professionals into PsychPreneurs™ benefits everyone. Dedicated self-improvers will gladly pay good money for great results as long as they’re saving money by doing as much as possible on their own. Mental health professionals benefit from great client results because highly satisfied clients generate the enthusiastic word-of-mouth that psychotherapists know create waiting list practices of new clients willing to pay appropriate fees. Everyone wins with a combination of PsychInfoProducts™ and counseling, TheraCoaching or psychotherapy from well-developed PsychPreneurs™.

If you are a self-developer who has been searching for “an education in being human you always wanted but never got™,” click here (takes you to another of Dr. Gruder’s websites).

If you are a psychotherapist who wants to shift from being a frustrated financially suffering professional into becoming a successful PsychPreneur™ who makes great money by being of greater service to more people through a combination of PsychInfoProducts™ and psychotherapy, counseling, or TheraCoaching™, click here.