The following information is specifically for entrepreneurs and CEOs.

As you may know, I am on Super Teaching faculty with CEO Space International, an extraordinary organization dedicated to helping integrity-centered entrepreneurs grow their socially responsible businesses more efficiently, profitably and sustainably through the healthy principles of Collaborative Capitalism.
Between Dec 10th and Dec 16th, 2012, I’ll be teaching three classes, hosting 8 mentoring/networking meals, and taking unlimited private business mentoring appointments, along with over 50 world-class faculty, all of whom tithe our expertise during these events. This means we’re not paid, and we don’t do sales pitches while we’re teaching and mentoring. How refreshing is that?!
Whatever your business would most benefit from next is available at these events:
  • Gaining new customers or customer channels
  • Expanding your business skills
  • Consulting with top experts in all areas of business development
  • Access to the reduced-cost resources your business has been searching for
CEO Space gives you access to knowledge, skills, mentoring and resources related to:
  • Business strategy & development sequencing
  • Leadership skills & facilitating high performance teams
  • Agreement-creation & accountability mechanisms
  • Branding & marketing
  • Manufacturing resources & distribution channels
  • All areas of business law such as corporate structure, intellectual property protection, SEC compliance, and much more
  • Becoming investor-ready and investor-attractive
  • And much much more (just look at the schedule to see:
I know of nowhere else in the world that offers this wealth of expertise to entrepreneurs and CEOs. On top of that, most professionals can receive 30 hours of Continuing Education credit for attending the classes offered at these events, which are like a real life Readers Digest MBA in Entrepreneurship.
These events are designed so you can run your business remotely while you attend. They are an entirely different and far more effective version of a trade show –like nothing you have ever been to, trust me.
Plus… have a teen in your family – or know one – who would benefit from entering adulthood with the entrepreneurial skills you wish you had back then? Well, CEO Space also provides Teen Entrepreneurship programs during these events, as well as free Day Care service!
Best of all, if this event does not speed up your business they refund your lifetime tax-reducing membership fee before you leave the building. That greatly reduces your risk this asset acquisition that you will use for life.
Why have you most likely not heard of CEO Space even though it has been around for nearly 25 years and has been endorsed by everyone from top thought leaders to business experts to UN Ambassadors? Because it is a private club that attracts members by word of mouth and personal contact instead of mass marketing.
Want to know more? Take a look at these two videos (the second one features me):
Then review the wealth of expertise that’s offered at these events:
CEO Space is the business family I had always wanted and never believed existed. If after reviewing this material you suspect that this might a right fit for you too, please contact Cheryl Brenner at +1-245-850-4719. She will answer your questions, handle all your enrollment details, and walk you to the Pre-Event Preparation website that gets you set to maximize your benefits from attending. Tell her that you’re my VIP new member and she’ll also invite you to a private onsite VIP reception where you will meet key CEO Space faculty and leaders.
And if you do join, be sure to let me know so we can plan to meet there!!
Happy Holidays to YOU,
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PS: Everything is divine right timing in life. If now is the time when you would benefit from additional training, mentoring and resources to supercharge your next step with your business – then it might just be that the perfect timing just found you. You’ll be a better business leader when you leave. CEO Space promises, or your money back. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING THE FILMS !!!!