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Are you a helping professional who has been seeking a do-it-yourself experiential orientation to Energy Psychology methods before deciding whether to take the plunge and get formally trained in them?

Or are you a helping professional who already uses Energy Psychology methods but has been seeking a better way to ensure that your clients consistently use them to do the between-session Energy Psychology homework you give them?

Either way, you may have just found what you’ve been searching for: Energy Psychology Anywhere™, the straightforward six-step Energy Psychology Self-Help process for helping your clients do what they need to do between sessions to succeed at getting free from what’s holding them back and stepping into how they want to be instead.

Energy Psychology Anywhere™ is three valuable resources in one:

  • self-help audio that you can download to your computer and then add to your favorite portable devices so it’s available to you… well… Anywhere™!
    • Dr. Gruder’s voice guides you through step-by-step through entire self-help sequences, from start to finish, so you can get an experiential feel for how they work.
    • Your clients simply follow Dr. Gruder’s instructions in the self-help audio while focusing on the issue you’ve suggested that they continue working on between sessions.
    • Dr. Gruder also provides specific instructions at the end of each step that help your clients decide whether they can continue self-treating an issue or whether they need to get additional assistance from you first.
  • A valuable printable worksheet enabling your clients to keep track of their progress as they use the Energy Psychology Anywhere™ self-help audio. You can then ask them to bring these sheets to their next session so you can more closely track their progress and identify where they need further assistance.
  • An illuminating visual guide that helps your clients understand the self-help process more fully and therefore use it more effectively as part of their work with you.

Dr. Gruder is the professional to provide this educational self-help resource because he…

  • Has been dually licensed in California since the 1980s as a psychologist (PSY 9266) & marriage & family therapist (MFT 18889), with a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and is an eight-award-winning author as well was the first recipient of a leadership award that was named in his honor.
  • Was approved to award CE credit for the following mental health professions (during the years he produced his Energy Psychology training programs in-house): psychologists, marriage & family therapists, social workers, nurses and drug & alcohol counselors.
  • Was the Founding President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and one of the original co-archictects of ACEP’s Certification Programs, who, as time allows, continues to be an ACEP Certification Workshop Senior Trainer, Certification Consultant, and ACEP Continuing Education Provider.
  • Is the developer of the Energy Psychology Essentials™ training program, the Energy Psychology Desktop Companion™, and the Energy Psychology Anywhere™ self-help audio.
  • First started teaching Energy Psychology Self-Help™ educational workshops in 1998.
  • Has taught Energy Psychology in medical grand rounds presentations, in North America, Europe and Asia to the full range of helping professionals, and life and executive coaches, and as semester-long graduate school courses.
  • Has lectured, trained and consulted worldwide on a wide variety of topics for the public, leaders, helping professionals, educators, businesses, and academic institutions since the 1970s.
  • Is on the road speaking, training and consulting too much of the time to maintain a psychotherapy practice any longer (even a remote one), so you never have to worry about your clients abandoning you to work with him because that’s not even an option for them!
  • Is, however, available to YOU for professional consultations.

So, if you’re a helping professional who is considering adding Energy Psychology methods to your repertoire — or who wants your clients to get better results with the homework you assign to them between sessions — this is your opportunity to Supercharge Your Effectiveness™ for an unbelievably low price (at least for the time being).


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