DIY Self-Growth With Energy Psychology Anywhere™

Are you a Do-It-Yourself Self-Improver? Wouldn’t it be great to have a go-to self-help method you can use to rapidly dissolve inner blocks or enhance peak performance… anywhere?

Well, now you can. And it couldn’t be simpler or more fool-proof… thanks to Energy Psychology Anywhere™: the straightforward six-step Energy Psychology Self-Help process that assists you in getting free from what holds you back and step into how you want to be instead. (Think of Energy Psychology Self-Help™ as the personal development equivalent of an over-the-counter medication compared to surgery that needs to be performed by a qualified physician.)

Energy Psychology Anywhere™ is three valuable resources in one:

  • A self-help audio that you can download to your computer and then add to your favorite portable devices so it’s available to you… well… Anywhere™!
    • Dr. Gruder’s gentle voice guides you through step-by-step through entire self-help sequences, from start to finish.
    • Simply follow his instructions in the self-help audio while you focus on an issue that you decide is prudent to address on your own.
    • Dr. Gruder also offers you a framework to help you make wise selections on your own behalf about what to work on by yourself versus with professional assistance.
  • A valuable printable worksheet for keeping track of your progress as you use the Energy Psychology Anywhere™ self-help audio.
  • An illuminating visual guide to help you understand this self-help process more fully and use it more effectively… and more prudently.

All this comes from Dr. David Gruder, the co-founder and first president of the international Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and one of the original co-architects of its Comprehensive Energy Psychology certification program for mental health professionals. Dr. Gruder first started teaching Energy Psychology Self-Help educational workshops in 1998.

So, if you’re working with a helping professional who wants you to use Energy Psychology Self-Help between sessions, you can now Supercharge Your Results™ for an unbelievably low price (at least for the time being).

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