Not to be upstaged by the Spitzer incident, the White House had re-focused attention back on itself through its own lack of political integrity.

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reports: "The Bush administration apparently does not want a US military study that found no direct connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda to get any attention. This morning, the Pentagon canceled plans to send out a press release announcing the report’s release and will no longer make the report available online."

It thus appears as though the Pentagon’s report on Saddam’s Iraq has now been censored, providing the latest example of lack of political integrity. Why? Because, according to the Pentagon, this censorship was a political decision not a national security decision.

For pressuring the Pentagon to rescind its press release and online availability of the report for political rather than security reasons, the White House shares my Integrity Disgrace Award for March 12, 2008, with those in the media who are more interested in spinning the report to their own ends than in objective reporting.