Here is a summary of my perspective about our current highly dysfunctional economic system of Debtism that has replaced true capitalism and has been destroying our economy for decades even though we only recently started paying attention to this:

  • “Debtism” is a perverted replacement for capitalism.
  • Far too many people are completely unaware that this replacement has occurred and that this perversion of capitalism has directly led to the financial crisis we are now in.
  • Debtism’s attempts to hijack capitalism is not at all new, but without a doubt this started accelerating beginning in the 1980s, when more people than ever began confusing life fulfillment with greed rather than equating it with 3D Integrity.
  • Debtism uses the same principles of compound interest as wealth-building uses, except in the opposite direction. When the principle of compound interest is used for wealth-building, Instead of adding more money into your investment that keeps your profits expand exponentially from the combination of your principal plus and the interest it generates – and on top of that you hopefully keep adding more funds to your investment over time. In contrast, the way the principle of compound interest operates in Debtism is that because you never pay off your debt, the combination of your debt amount plus the interest you owe on it continues to grow exponentially over time – and on top of that you keep adding more debt over time. This is nuts.
  • Wall Street has demonstrated that they have been unwilling to do anything about this problem proactively. So has the government. Our current crisis did not develop over night. It took years to get to this point. Both Wall Street and the government chose to pretend it didn’t exist until we were on the brink of catastrophe, which have now reached. Now they are trying to figure out how to cover up the symptoms while preserving the very system of Debtism that is at the root cause of our crisis.
  • The United States government has abdicated a huge responsibility that the founding fathers called upon it to fulfill: Financial Integrity. The government now has a responsibility to play a major educational and policy role in restoring financial integrity, indeed integrity on all levels, to all sectors of our culture. Citizens and businesses equally have a responsibility to demand that the government do this in a truly responsible and enlightened way. I have proposed a preliminary strategy for accomplishing this in an open letter to Barack Obama and John McCain (

If you are a broadcast or print journalist, I encourage you to interview me on this crucial Financial Integrity topic. Here is what Jack Ebling, host of the drive-time show bearing his name that is broadcast on WILS in Lansing Michigan, said about his interview with me on September 23, 2008: "
Great job on the show yesterday. I thought it was a very strong segment – one of the two best of the 13 interviews we’ve aired since this chaos began."

To listen to the audio of that interview, click on the right ‘arrow’ below:

If you know a broadcast or print journalist, please let them know that they should interview me about this.