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Here are the 3 Programs Dr. Gruder Looks Forward to Providing to You…

Build a Waiting List Practice by Helping Your Clients Master Ethical Personal Power Effectiveness

1-Day Pre-Conference Workshop, Thursday October 12, 9am-5pm

We live in times when abuse of power, rebellion against power, and power phobia, are causing unparalleled damage to individuals, families, communities, countries, and our planet. In today’s Perpetual Stress Society, your clients need to optimize their personal power to counteract the turmoil and integrity deficits surrounding them.

Caring people want to have positive impact on those around them, in all parts of their personal, work and community life. Having positive impact requires right relationship with personal power. Our society has a screwy relationship with power. One that has been blocking caring people from fully embodying their power. That’s because caring people don’t want to misuse power as tyrants, but they don’t know how to fully step into their power without becoming corrupt and tyrannical themselves.

It’s great that you want to have positive impact. It’s even better when you know that in order to have as much positive impact as you can, you need to uplevel your personal power. Here’s the problem with good intentions: they are NOT enough to get it done. Where the rubber meet the road is with consistently utilizing a key set of skills that few of us learn. Foundational skills that make Ethical Personal Power Effectiveness™ possible.

This full-day in-depth training program provides you with step-by-step procedures to help your clients master 3 foundational keys to ethical personal power effectiveness: self-responsibility, boundaries, and accountability. This training is only available from Dr. Gruder and this program is a rare opportunity to receive it live and in person.

Reconciliation Roadmap: How to Have Difficult Conversations About Touchy Subjects in Good Ways

Breakout Session, Saturday October 14, 10:30am-12:30pm

Many clients are profoundly stressed because their family, communities, and workplace are being damaged by ideological divisiveness and political hyperpolarization. Dr. Gruder will provide you with a practical 5-step process that you can teach to your clients so they can more successfully talk with loved ones, friends, and co-workers about any touchy subject in ways that build collaboration and closeness instead of divisiveness. This training is only available from Dr. Gruder and this program is a rare opportunity to receive it live and in person.

When Energy Healing Fails: Asking the Tough Questions, Confronting the Shadow

Panelist, Saturday October 14, 4:15pm-6:15pm

Dr. Gruder’s role on this panel will be to address some of the most overlooked shadow dimensions that sabotage success in energy healing (or any other kind of healing, psychotherapy or coaching):

  1. Define “Shadow” for the purposes of this panel discussion
  2. Competition Shadow: The “my energy method is better than others” delusion
  3. Paradigm Attachment Shadow: The “my ideology about [what works & doesn’t work] is better than others” delusion
  4. Tensions Terror Shadow: Oversimplifying both/and paradoxes into either/or polarities
  5. Therapist Savior Shadow: Trying to treat the unready whose Systemic Energetic Imbalances (SEI) prevent progress
  6. Symptom Control Shadow: Being seduced into treating the Endless Problems Parade instead of identifying the Priority Goal and, within that, the Priority Treatment Focus
  7. Shadow Objections to Healing: Trying to sidestep identifying & treating Psychoenergetic Reversals that sabotage success, including but not limited to Positive Psychology Shadow (New Age Denial).

Here’s a link to view an interesting video of most of us brainstorming about what we’ll be discussing during this panel presentation www.epccanada.ca/energy-healing-fails-asking-tough-questions-confronting-shadow/

Dr. Gruder’s Brief Bio

Dr. David Gruder is a Clinical & Organizational Development Psychologist who was the founding president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. The 11-award-winning founder & president of Integrity Culture Systems™, he was named America’s Integrity Expert by Radio & TV Interview Reports in 2008.

David’s mission is to make happiness sustainable, collaboration productive, integrity profitable, and society healthy. He specializes in: 1) Integrity as a Competitive Advantage; 2) Leveraged Sequencing for Successful PsychPreneur, Business & Nonprofit Development; 3) Strategically Sequenced Self-Development for Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Helping Professionals; and 4) Collaboration Culture Architecture for Developing High Productivity Individuals & Work Teams.

A highly rated international speaker, trainer, consultant, and trusted advisor who has has received a leadership award & a culture creation award, Dr. Gruder has provided keynotes, training programs, facilitation, & consultations to helping professionals, businesses, & nonprofits in 8 countries on 3 continents. He has authored, contributed to, or been the psychology editor for 23 books, has won 8 book awards for his own books, has been featured in Forbes 17 times, and has given multiple hundreds of media interviews. A board member for a large entrepreneur development organization (CEO Space International) & Special Counsel to its Chairman, his clients attribute their success to his uncanny ability to translate their purpose, values & goals into step-by-step walk-your-talk implementation procedures that build sustainable success in themselves, their team and their enterprise.

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