During the Great Mystery online salon "Involuntary Simplicity: Spontaneous Evolution From the Inside Out" our host Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda) will be engaging in brilliant conversations with Bruce Lipton, Michael Dowd, Charles Eisenstein, Richard Flyer and Dr David Gruder. At a time when so many individuals are facing challenges, financial and otherwise, people are seeking practical optimism. They want to feel better in the short run, AND have ways to transform the crises they are facing into opportunities that propel them toward a new level of growth.


Each session will be a lively, interactive dialogue between Steve and his guest … and there will be ample opportunity for questions … and answers! By the end of this series, you will see how the emerging evolution is impacting your life, your world, your relationships, your work … AND you will have both the context and the tools to turn crisis into opportunity. And, you will be entertained. You’ll laugh while you learn, and learn while you laugh.


If you can’t make the live session, no worries. Each weekly program will be recorded and within 24-hours of the live session you will be sent a new link to access to the archive at any time that is convenient and as often as you like.


Here is the series schedule for Involuntary Simplicity…


  • Tuesday, Sept 11 – Steve and Trudy Bhaerman
  • Tuesday, Sept 18 – Steve Bhaerman with Bruce Lipton, PhD
  • Tuesday, Sept 25 – Steve Bhaerman with Michael Dowd
  • Tuesday, Oct 2 – Steve Bhaerman with Charles Eisenstein
  • Tuesday, Oct 9 – Steve Bhaerman with Richard Flyer
  • Tuesday, Oct 16 – Steve Bhaerman with David Gruder, PhD


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