“David Gruder is simply a business decathlete and sales genius with a PhD in psychology, like a superman in a cape. Engaging Dr. David Gruder has been the best move I’ve ever made in my career. I have been astounded by his scope of expertise, depth of brilliance, and his unique ability to see the gap between Success and where I was. Dr. David has taken me from an aspiring author to a published who is sailing toward the second career of my dreams with Success baked in. Along the way, he has exceeded all of his promises, and generously taught me what Success requires of me. Dr. Gruder is also brilliant in applying the psychology of sales to guide your prospects toward your shopping cart. He even knows what a book cover must deliver for the author. You know Dr. David is a rare find because I enjoy paying him out of gratitude!”

—Dr. Felix Liao, DDS,Father of WholeHealth Dentistry