The Art & Science of Energy Psychology: Healing as a Psychological Art Form

Main Conference: November 5 through 7, 2010
Pre-Conference Workshops: November 4
Post-Conference Workshops: November 8

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Join Dr. Gruder at this world class conference produced by the CAIET (the Canadian Association of Integrative & Energy Therapies), in affiliatiation with ACEP (the international Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology).

Main Conference Overview

Outstanding Keynotes plus 30 BREAKOUT SESSIONS in the following tracks (and lots more!)…

  • Fundamentals of Energy Psychology
  • Spirituality & Consciousness
  • Developing Your EP Business
  • Integrating Theory Research and Practice
  • Integrative Energy Psychology
  • Provocative Panels & Live Demonstrations

Dr. Gruder will be teaching a particularly valuable breakout that is part of the "Developing Your EP Business" track, called "The Art of Monetizing Your Life Energy: How to Transform Your Passions into Streams of Income." Not making enough money helping others? ACEP’s first president introduces you to three powerful steps for taking charge of your prosperity by “monetizing” your passions. You’ll use Energy Psychology methods to start resolving your prosperity objections and discover the most important keys to ethically transforming your know-how into streams of income. You can do it! Come learn how.

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Pre/Post-Conference Workshops

Nine one-day pre- and post-conference workshops are scheduled, including this post-conference workshop by Dr. Gruder:

How to Monetize Your Life Energy: A Hands-On Quick Start

Our society’s economic crisis is shifting people’s financial and health priorities. And it is hurting therapists. Many therapists have limiting beliefs about prosperity. The mental health field needs therapists who have right relationship with prosperity and who are good at facilitating positive change in clients struggling to create financial wellbeing without sacrificing their integrity, health, or relationships.

This learn-by-doing course shows you step-by-step how to take charge of your prosperity by “monetizing your passions,” so you can generate a better income helping others. During this powerful day you will:

  • Create internal “prosperity permission” by using Energy Psychology methods to start dissolving your limiting beliefs about financial responsibility and prosperity
  • Select your best passion to monetize through a series of exercises designed to help you select a portion of your know-how as a helping professional to convert into a psychoeducational service or product that has the best possible chance of producing a meaningful stream of income for you
  • Create the foundation of your “monetization action plan,” your an action plan for transforming your passion into a stream of income.

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David Gruder, PhD, DCEP was ACEP’s co-founder and first President, and is now the CEO & Founder of Integrity Revolution. Dr. Gruder is also the only clinical and organizational psychologist on faculty with CEO Space, the world’s only collaborative capitalism business organization, where the world’s top business experts, trainers, mentors and investors volunteer their time and expertise five times a year to provide entrepreneurs with everything they need to create multiple streams of income in integrity-centered socially responsible ways. Dr. Gruder’s books have won eight awards in the unusually diverse areas of social change, current events, politics, business, leadership, health, mental health and self-help. For 30+ years he has provided cutting-edge presentations, training, TheraCoaching, mentoring, and consulting for the public, helping professionals, businesses, and leaders worldwide. The secret behind his international acclaim is his trademark blend of:

  • Integrating a diverse and complex concepts into practical tools that have you saying, "Wow, it IS possible to do that!"
  • Training design expertise that leaves you saying, "I know HOW to do that!"
  • Extensive clinical, organizational and leadership experience that has you saying, "I know WHY to do that!"
  • Disarmingly self-revealing examples that leave you feeling that "If he can do it, I CAN TOO!"

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