Buckle your seatbelt because my answer might disturb you.

We’re treated how we’re treated because we have taught people that this is what we tolerate. We teach people to treat us the ways we’re treated because this is how we have learned to treat ourselves. We treat ourselves the way we treat ourselves because doing this is the way we figured out how to survive whatever unpleasantness we needed to survive in our past.

From my perspective, it’s an inescapable psychological truth that we live our lives at the level of our wounds not our wishes. So too, businesses function at the level of their leaders’ personal and relationship limitations instead of functioning at the level their stated values and intentions.

Baggage trumps intentions. If we as individuals don’t outgrow our limiting beliefs, strategies and behaviors, how will we as a society outgrow our current ways of being dysfunctional? If businesses don’t stop functioning at the level of their psychological limitations, how will they prove to themselves that integrity is profitable? (It very much is!)

The good news is that a gradually increasing number of businesses and public servants are realizing just how important a part personal development plays in creating sustainable success.

I am delighted and humbled to be a part of helping that happen. My mission — and my joy — is to co-create a world of lovingly authentic, collaborative and integrious people by installing High Performance Collaboration strategies and skills in businesses, nonprofits and government. My calling is to make integrity profitable… because it can be, and because I know that the more people who realize this, the more popular integrity will become.

If you’re the leader of a business, nonprofit or governmental entity, and want to install these mechanisms in your organization, do be in touch so we can discuss the possibilities.