Former House majority leader Dick Armey said in September 2009: “Europe is governed by a concern for the well-being of the collective. That’s what they care about. What makes us different is we begin with the liberty of the individual. We got it right, and they got it wrong.”

A most basic look at the U.S. Constitution reveals that it’s Dick Armey who got it wrong. Our Constitution created a government mandated to function at the intersection of preserving individual freedom and promoting the common good. This radical vision — that a truly wise society demands solutions that honor both priorities — is the vision that birthed the United States. Slide too much in one direction and a lack of social responsibility results. Slide too much in the other direction and a lack of self-responsibility results.

I insist on a country that creates solutions that are both self-responsible and socially responsible. Our country’s founders dared to believe this is possible to do. How about you?