How to Deal Effectively With Anger as a Leader, at Work, or in Your NonProfit

Hugh Ballou and Russell Dennis interviewed Dr David Gruder on this topic live, during the NonProfit Chat podcast, on Tuesday May 30, 2017. Scroll down to view the video and follow-up resources.

A Few of the Questions Many Covered During the Interview:

  1. We have an anger epidemic in our society — how is that harming nonprofits, for-profits, and government agencies?
  2. Why do we need more than anger management or stress management to deal effectively with today’s anger epidemic?
  3. How can I tell when anger is damaging my leadership or my team?
  4. How do I step in without creating further anger escalation or damage?

About Dr. David Gruder
Dr. David Gruder, the 11-award-winning founder & president of Integrity Culture Systems™, is a Psychologist specializing in Leader Effectiveness, Enterprise Success, and Culture Architecture. A highly rated international speaker, trainer, consultant, and trusted advisor, Dr. Gruder’s mission is to make happiness sustainable, collaboration productive, integrity profitable, and society healthy. He is known for his broad talents, integrative mind, unquenchable passion, huge heart, deep integrity, and naked authenticity. Those he assists ascribe their success to his uncanny ability to translate intentions and values into step-by-step implementation procedures that enable leaders, enterprises, and causes to walk their talk.

Dr. Gruder earned his PhD in clinical & organizational development psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1982, a decade after he was trained in Master Planning (50-100 year plans). An entrepreneur since 1980, he became been dually licensed in California as a psychologist (PSY9266) and a marriage & family therapist (MFT18889) in the mid-1980s. As a leader, trainer, keynote speaker, and consultant who has worked in 8 countries on 3 continents, he combines 4 decades of expertise in curriculum design and training techniques with his early experiences as a musician (trombone and voice), actor, and vocal director, and his extensive experience providing psychotherapy between 1980 and 2000. As a professional writer and frequent media guest, he also draws on his early experiences as the executive editor of a university newspaper and his education in print and broadcast journalism.

Watch the Nonprofit Chat Replay Below (then visit the follow-up resources beneath it)

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