I’ve noticed a lot of confusion and misinformation about the Hamas-Israel situation. So, I have created an infographic that makes the dilemma in which Israel has been placed incontrovertibly clear. I’ve also included additional information and videos that provide additional clarity.

The infographic below is not designed to depict the complexities of the multi-layered history of the region, Iranian involvement with this situation, extremism pretending to be Islam, or worldwide recruitment of Hamas supporters. It is only attempting to offer clarity about Israel’s self-protection dilemma in as simple a way as possible, so thoughtful people can better understand the unvarnished dynamics of this no-win situation. I don’t like this any more than you probably do, but here it is nonetheless.

Israel-Palestine Decision Tree Infographic

This ugly picture is difficult to stomach, isn’t it? It sure is for me, but that’s how ugly the dilemma is… no matter how much some people try to put lipstick on a pig to try to make it look less horrific than it actually is.

Most Israelis only want peaceful co-existence, and they want governance in Gaza that enables the meaningful minority of Palestinians who are peace-seeking to securely thrive as well. However, the ugly bottom line is that Palestinians and Israelis seeking co-existence will be free to securely thrive AFTER Hamas, and other similar terrorist groups whose avowed purpose is the annihilation of Israel, have been permanently defanged.

Either you support Israel’s right to exist, and therefore to defend itself against fanatics who are so hell-bent on annihilating Israel and Jews that they horrifically sacrifice their own people in attempts to succeed, or you oppose Israel’s right to exist.

Sad as it is, popular attempts to pull on your heartstrings in order to manipulate you into ignoring this notwithstanding, the picture really isn’t more complicated than this.

In the end, it boils down to this, no matter how tempted some are to pretend it isn’t so, by turning Israel into a villain when all it is doing is what it must do to deal with sociopathic fanatics when the rest of the world refuses to do this.

Again, I know this is extremely ugly to face and, again, I don’t at all like that this is the situation.

Nonetheless, it’s high time for good-hearted people to stop being conned and to instead start demanding that the world community find the backbone to finally implement the only option in the decision tree that has any chance at all of bringing about durable peace and wellbeing for all — residents of Gaza and Israel alike.

Here’s some additional information for your consideration…

Far too many people don’t understand the extent to which Hamas has been abusing their own people by using them as shields. They put their own people in harm’s way because Hamas has, until now, believed that this would force Israel to refrain from attacking them.

“Nothing Hamas does is to protect the Palestinian people. Palestinian deaths are more useful to Hamas even than Israeli deaths.“ — Michael Walzer

Everything Hamas does is to achieve their singular agenda of annihilating Israel and Jews. Hamas justifies using its fellow Palestinians as body shields and using non-military locations like hospitals, schools, refugee camps, and mosques, as shields to protect terrorist leaders and terrorism operations centers. Hamas’s willingness to sacrifice as many Palestinians as needed in order to wipe Israelis and Jews from the earth, is pure evil.

In contrast, everything Israel does is to protect the Israeli people. You might or might not disagree with some of their tactics to accomplish this. But oversimplifying the complexity of accomplishing this goal does no one any favors.

Hamas’s tactic of using civilian shields (and also hospitals, mosques, and refugee camps) to protect Hamas from attack by Israel has relied on Israel upholding it ethical value of not harming innocent civilians. Israel is done being manipulated by this core tactic of Hamas.

Hamas has depended on people not fully understanding this, so they could manipulate well-intended people around the world into viewing Israel as evil perpetrators if they dared to eliminate Hamas.

Hamas’s October 7 slaughter of innocent Israeli civilians that Hamas perpetrated is but one in a long line of examples of how Hamas doesn’t hold an ethical value of not harming innocent civilians (Israelis in this case). Hamas using their own people as human shield in order to try to prevent Israel from eliminating them is another example of how Hamas doesn’t have an ethical value of not harming innocent civilians (their own people in this case.

Until people wake up to this ongoing perpetration of evil that is the cornerstone of Hamas’s terrorist tactics, people will remain incapable of understanding why Hamas has forced Israel to do what they are doing. This is precisely the cluelessness that Hamas’s propaganda intends for people around the world to have. It’s vital that well-meaning people around the world wake up to this because without this understanding, they will remain incapable of formulating authentically informed perspectives about what Israel is doing and why they need to do it.

Inside a Gaza bedroom, soldiers searching for tunnels find how low Hamas can go


If you care about the wellbeing of both Palestinians and Israelis, you are not antisemitic. If you support Hamas, you are antisemitic. If you care about the wellbeing of Palestinians but not about the wellbeing of Israelis, you are antisemitic. If you care about the wellbeing of Israelis but not about the wellbeing of Palestinians, you are antisemitic. Why? Because most Jews and Palestinians are semites!


Here are some videos that provide additional insights that Hamas doesn’t want you to know…

Sheikh Ahmad Adoan, a Muslim scholar living in Jordan, wrote on his personal Facebook page that in the Quran there is no country like Palestine and Allah has entrusted the Promised Land to the Jews until the day of Judgment (according to Quran, surah 5 verse 21) and “the children of Israel (the country) will inherit” (Quran, surah 26, verse 59).

The Sheihh goes on to say that there is no country like Palestine in Quran. Palestinians who claim that the land of Israel belongs to them are lying in ways that are a threat to the Koran, and the people and country of Israel. So these efforts will not be crowned with success and Allah will disappoint and humiliate you as he comes to defend the Jews. “It is a great honor for the Jews that Allah chose them from all the nations of the world.”

The Sheikh added: “Palestinians are murderers of children, the elderly and women. They attack the Jews and then hide on the backs of children, women and the elderly without sparing them as if they were not their children. They are doing this to show the whole world how the Jews want them killed. I saw this with my own eyes in the 70’s. When they attacked the Jordanian army, they sent their children forward to make the whole world think that the Jordanians kill children. Such behavior is in their blood, this is their crime. Their hearts are like stone, trying to manipulate public opinion to get support.”

When the Jordanian Sheikh visited Israel and met with Jewish sages, he said: “The Jews are a very peaceful people who love peace. There is no animosity or aggression in them, but if attacked, they are forced to defend themselves, trying to cause as little harm as possible to the attacking side. It is a great honor for the Jews that Allah chose them from all the peoples of the world. When Allah chose the Jews, He didn’t do it just out of courtesy, simply because they were Jews, which means they deserved it.”

FINAL NOTE: If you are a person of good wilI, I beseech you to take to heart all of the information in this blog post because, if you don’t, any opinions you have about this situation will be misinformed at best and dangerously harmful at worst.