On your left is where you are now…

…On your right are your dreams…

…And in the middle is what’s between you and your dreams
as an entrepreneur, a leader, an executive, a helping professional, or a service provider.

  • What stands between you and your dreams is not funding or branding or marketing or sales or customer service… even though all of these of course matter.
  • What stands between you and your dreams is not even the right advisors, executives, implementers, distributors, visibility providers, and so forth… even though all of these matter too.

What stands between you and your dreams is your blind spots: the gaps you’ve got that you don’t know are standing between you and your success. In psychology these blinds spots are often referred to as “Shadow.” This is what causes us to build our enterprise at the level of our limitations despite our highest aspirations.

Super decision-making is the most important muscle there is for entrepreneurs and leaders. Why? Because financial success comes from superior decisions. Your decision-making blind spots will sabotage your enterprise success far more than any other factor. They will prevent you from attracting & selecting the right advisors, implementers and opportunities/clients.

Here are the 4 biggest decision-making blind spots that entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, helping professionals, and service providers must fill in…

  1. The self-development you need to do to maximize your success
  2. The best sequence to build your enterprise and onboard the advisors, executives, implementers, visibility sources, and/or funders you might need
  3. How to turn the people you engage into a high productivity team & a high happiness culture
  4. Your secret blocks to allowing yourself to become and remain wealthy.

Don’t let ANY of these blind spots destroy your dream while you’re trying to build your enterprise.

Dr. David Gruder, PhD

I’m Dr. David Gruder, an Enterprise Success Psychologist who was named “America’s Integrity Expert” by Radio & TV Interview Reports, who is the President of Integrity Culture Systems™, and who is the Director of the soon-to-be-launched Center for Integral Leadership at the California Institute for Human Science. My mission is to make happiness sustainable, collaboration productive, integrity profitable, and society healthy. I am a bestselling author, international speaker, trainer, consultant, and key advisor who specializes in Leader Effectiveness, Enterprise Success, Culture Architecture, and Strategic Integrated Self-Development.One of my biggest joys is translating intentions and values into step-by-step implementation procedures that enable leaders, enterprises, and causes to walk their talk. I have had the joy of working with leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and helping professionals in 8 countries on three continents, and have authored, contributed to, or been featured in 23 books. I became a CEO Space Faculty member in 2010 and continue as Special Counsel to Berny Dohrmann, after having served as a Board member for a number of years. Over the decades I’ve been blessed to have received 11 awards (8 book awards, a leadership award, a culture creation award, and an outstanding musician award), and to have given multiple hundreds of media interviews, including 18 times in Forbes. Most of all, I love being a psychological midwife to entrepreneurs who are committed to succeeding without sacrificing their integrity, personal wellbeing, cherished relationships, or social responsibility.

Here’s the biggest thing I know as an Enterprise Success Psychologist: No matter how devoted you are to your dreams and your entrepreneurial enterprise, your blind spots will block your success.

Face it: CEO Space events are spectacular for connecting with experts, service providers, potential sources of funding, and more. AND because of this, it’s super-easy to get intoxicated with wanting to engage someone immediately or with saying yes to an opportunity right now. Here’s the thing: just because you believe you’ve found a great subject matter expert or someone who can do something really valuable for you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that now is the best time to invest time, energy or money in them.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times blind spots have caused people to say yes to engaging someone, or to an opportunity, before that is wise for their enterprise.

Even well-meaning advisors and service providers don’t always know how to determine whether NOW is the best time for YOU to engage them. Their enthusiasm plus your blind spots risk causing financial damage to your enterprise due to faulty decision-making.

That’s why it’s so important to commit first to becoming a superior decision-maker and to doing this first and foremost by identifying your blind spots. Here’s what CEO Space’s Founder and Chairman Berny Dohrmann says:

“What is wrong with Napoleon Hill’s framework is that it neglects to provide the decision-making upgrades that make laws of attraction & reciprocity work. I’m two years working my shadow process with David and I’ll tell you he knows the buttons to push that uncover your blind spots and the methods to use to help you resolve them. The extent to which this has produced core transformation in me has been staggering. Ask me and I’ll tell you.”

Blind spots of yours might be undermining your success as an entrepreneur in any of these areas:

  • Business-Life Integration: making sure your business is designed so you can attain your ultimate life goals without eroding your life balance commitments on the way to entrepreneurial success
  • Sequencing: bringing on the right resources (opportunities, advisors, executives, implementers, funders, etc.) at the best time for the appropriate scope of work
  • Leader Self-Development: becoming the motivator, communicator and orchestrator your enterprise needs you to be for it to succeed
  • Culture Creation: utilizing practical procedures that maximize individual productivity and accountability while creating high collaboration, high happiness, purpose-driven work teams
  • Monetization: eliminating your hidden money sabotage programming, and the unrecognized gaps in your monetization tactics, that have been limiting your success in generating and maintaining your own financial wellbeing… and your enterprise’s

If you could find, on your own, the blind spots that will get you in trouble, they wouldn’t be blind spots.

Don’t make a move before you’ve dealt with your blind spots. Don’t hire a team before you’ve dealt with your blind spots. Don’t let your personal blocks or your business blind spots destroy your dream while you’re trying to build your success.

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