From Dr. David Gruder:

  • Pixabay Image 784349Why do I choose to leave my personal & professional life behind five times a year for ten days at a time, and trade the comforts of home to live in a hotel room, just so I can teach & mentor at CEO Space International’s Business Growth Conferences?
  • Why did Forbes rank CEO Space Business Growth Conferences as a resource entrepreneurs simply can’t afford to miss?
  • Why did Legacy Magazine feature CEO Space’s founder among the “living legends?”
  • Why did Nightingale Conant give CEO Space a lifetime achievement award?
  • What motivates this entrepreneur development organization over-perform for its members?
If you want to (seriously and no kidding)…
  • Access a resource that treats business development as a personal growth path by empowering you to make integrity, collaboration and life fulfillment profitable
  • Ramp up new customers, clients and affiliations to accelerate cash flow
  • Get more one-on-one mentorship by leading experts at no extra cost
  • Build a business family instead of swimming with sharks
  • Invest in businesses being built right
  • Or upshift to an “A-game” contact and resource list…

…Then I suggest you hop into your car or onto a plane and join me at CEO Space in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada (a gorgeous oasis on the shores of a beautiful lake in Henderson, about a half hour from Las Vegas, that looks and feels nothing like Las Vegas!).

CEO Space Business Growth Conferences are designed to give you time flexibility to run your business virtually while you’re opening up the flood gate of new opportunities in person. like nothing you ever experienced in your life

CEO Space International is a private lifetime membership business development club that includes:
  1. Entrepreneurs in all phases of development who are devoted to building business the sustainably profitable socially responsible way;
  2. World class experts & training to help them succeed; and
  3. Contacts to virtually anyone & anything ventures needs to succeed (customers, resources, top influencers, enhancing funding attractiveness).
Those who become CEO Space members know that:
  • Collaboration creates more durable success than competition
  • Integrity is more profitable than manipulation, and
  • Having a business family is WAYYYY more valuable (and enjoyable!) than getting a bunch of business cards pushed in your face.
CEO Space’s Business Growth Workshops are five-times-a-year hyper-growth intensives during which you as a member continually:
  1. Develop real relationships that open the doors to high-value connections to whatever or whomever your business most needs next;
  2. Receive top-notch training in the success skills that are most productive to focus on in your venture’s current development phase (from vetting viability through profitable exit); and
  3. Gain unparalleled benefits from networking over meals at tables hosted by world-class experts in all areas of entrepreneurship, and having then having individual consultations with them — without them pitching you to hire them — CEO Space calls it “brain tithing”
CEO Space is so committed to making sure that only the right people join that if you discover during the first time you attend that this lifetime membership organization is not a fit for you, they will refund your membership fee on site. This is only one of many reasons why CEO Space Forums aren’t your typical one-time workshop or conference, but rather an utterly unique ongoing resource providing you with a lifetime of business connections, expert consultations and entrepreneur education. Once a member, always a member.

The depth of the relationships I’ve personally achieved through my involvement with CEO Space is impossible to convey, but please feel free to watch this videos about CEO Space (, including mine:

I can’t think of a better way for you to ramp up your income faster than the upcoming CEO Space Business Growth Conference. My fellow CEO Space instructors include some of the most famous folks you know as well. And many you don’t know because, rather focusing on being public figures, they’re leading behind-the-scenes corporate mentors in every industry. Because of this, most would be nearly impossible for you to find, let alone gain access to. And they’re tithing their expertise to you during these events! On top of that, most professionals can get 30 hours of continuing education credits in classes that fill in your real-world business knowledge and skills gaps, in and around potentially gaining in a week more clients than many of their colleagues acquire in a year.

If your business isn’t realizing its FULL POTENTIAL during these uncertain economic times, wouldn’t you be wise to gain access to world-class resources that can help? After you use CEO Space to upgrade your entrepreneurial and leadership skills, your venture planning clarity, and the connections you need to succeed, your income will simply grow  faster. In fact, CEO Space guarantees it. Ask them about their unheard-of-in-the-industry money-back guarantee. Go ahead and click on the link below to find out for yourself what I am talking about.

Click Here to Find Out About CEO Space

An annual Forbes article selected CEO Space as a “must-attend conference for 2013” for entrepreneur training. My video on CEO Space’s website goes a step further by asking and answering this question: where can you get the best-of-the-best in the world privately mentoring you one-on-one? The answer: only one place I know of – CEO Space.

Building your business to last, and doing that better and faster than you could possibly do on your own, makes becoming a CEO Space Lifetime Member an immediate opportunity. The longer you wait, the more time, energy and money you’re likely to make on your journey toward entrepreneurial success. All I am suggesting is that you check it out. If you elect to enroll, they will help you through the process.


Those I know who have enrolled in CEO Space have thanked me deeply for introducing them to this organization that I personally refer to as “the business family I had always wanted and never believed existed.” They’ve all told me some variation on… “I wish I realized years ago how valuable this organization could be.” I felt the same way when I attended my first CEO Space Business Growth Conference in July 2010.

Here are the details for the December 2013 CEO Space Business Growth Conference:

  • Where: Lake Las Vegas Westin Resort (hotel & meals are included for full members attending the entire Business Growth Conference — BGC)
  • When: Bonus classes start on Friday night December 7th @ 7:00pm,  the BGC continues through Sunday afternoon December 16, and post- onsite consulting, connection-building & deal-making continues through Tuesday December 18!)
  • What: Non-stop networking, consulting and skills development in new model for CEOs, Presidents and Professionals-in-Practice that blows  the tired old approaches to training, mentorship and networking out of the water.
  • Prioritize: Growing your market and growing YOU can’t wait because the longer you wait to begin your CEO Space Lifetime Membership, the longer you’re at risk of continuing to make costly mistakes while floundering because you’ve not found, let alone accessed, the resources you most need next on your pathway to success.

If you can find a better full-spectrum entrepreneur development organization than CEO Space, with a lower lifetime membership fee, I want to know about it!

Dr. David Gruder, PhD, Business Development PsychologistHere’s to helping you accelerate  success without sacrificing your personal integrity, life balance, the people you care about, or being socially responsible!

Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP
Business & Leader Peak Performance Psychologist || Chief Integrity & Collaboration Officer, Integrity Culture Systems™
“Bringing the wisdom of psychology to business, the wisdom of entrepreneurship to experts… and the best of both to education, governance & social change.”

PS: Start your due diligence now and remember: better results can’t start HAPPENING until you make a DECISION!

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PPS: I teach different classes at each CEO Space Business Growth Conference, but if you want to see what I’ll be providing during the December 2013 one, CLICK HERE for details! (opens new window). (This one is my 18th time attending and my 17th-in-a-row on faculty.)