You’ll find two videos on this page. The first is a conference overview that features Dr. Gruder’s programs. The second provides details about those programs. You’ll also find buttons to take you to the conference website to find out more and to register.

Our troubled times require a different approach to psychotherapy.

During this conference — in addition to all the other amazing presenters and programs — you’ll have two unparalleled opportunities with Dr. Gruder to revitalize your mindset, skills and psychotherapy approach around what Dr. Gruder calls “Self-Sovereignty That Serves Us All™.”

You’ll get the lay of the land in Dr. Gruder’s world premiere 2-hour mini-training called Psychotherapy From the Inside Up: A Fresh Look at Socially Responsible Psychotherapy.

You’ll receive in-depth training during Dr. Gruder’s world premiere 1-day intensive training called Self-Dominion Facilitation & Psychotherapeutic Social Responsibility as an Ethical Mandate.

Both of these programs will provide you with:

  • Non-partisan framing for socially responsible psychotherapy
  • Shifting from today’s downward spiral to a much-needed upward gaze
  • Upgrading from learned helplessness to “freesponsible” self-dominion
  • Outgrowing survival tactics (coercion & compromise) & stepping into thrival tactics (authentic collaborative synergy)

The 2-hour program will provide you with the roadmap for making the shift.
The day-long intensive training will equip you with a practical foundation for hypergrowing your practice by repositioning yourself as an expert in facilitating what Dr. Gruder calls Self-Sovereignty That Serves Us All™.

Why should you care? Because…

  1. Psychotherapists are all about making a better world one client, couple or family at a time.
  2. Consumers have soured on self-centered self-absorbed approaches to psychotherapy and, as a result, a sizeable market seems to be forming of people searching for the kind of reframed psychotherapy that Dr. Gruder’s programs show you how to do.
  3. Consumers are unlikely to find socially responsible psychotherapy in your community unless they find it through YOU, and you’re unlikely to be able to provide this kind of psychotherapy without some additional training
  4. Dr. Gruder’s programs at this conference are your opportunity to learn what you need to know to establish yourself as the socially responsible psychotherapy thought leader in your marketplace.

Here’s a video providing more details about each of Dr. Gruder’s programs…

Psychotherapy From the Inside Up: A Fresh Look at Socially Responsible Psychotherapy

World Premiere Mini-Training
Friday October 18, 2019, 2pm-4pm

The impacts of ideological divisiveness and political hyper-polarization have been creating huge distress in our clients. Psychotherapists need nonpartisan interventions that can enable their clients to integrate effective self-development with positive social impact. In this mini-training, Dr. Gruder proposes a therapeutic framework for facilitating “self-dominion that serves us all” so clients can elevate their personal wellbeing, and their capacity for positive impact as citizens and leaders, in integrated ways.

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Self-Dominion Facilitation & Psychotherapeutic Social Responsibility as an Ethical Mandate

World Premiere In-Depth Training
Monday October 21, 2019, 9am-5pm
[In peril of being cancelled so enroll now to help ensure that it’s a ‘go!’]

You know that today’s social, ideological and political hyper-polarization is creating elevated distress and learned helplessness in your clients. But you haven’t fully known what to do to help them. In this daylong intensive, Dr. Gruder trains you in a complete nonpartisan system to ethically help your clients replace their own distress with personal wellbeing, and replace their learned helplessness with the capacity to have positive impact as citizens and/or leaders… in their own uniquely authentic ways. 

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