• Nice guys don’t finish last–they finish first
  • Being a Green, eco-friendly business is *more* profitable
  • Customers, suppliers, and even competitors can do a whole lot of your marketing for you

Do you believe in your heart that successful businesses can be Green and ethical? I certainly do! And part of the reason is a colleague of mine who I’ve mentioned before: Shel Horowitz. For years, Shel has been cheerfully spreading "heresies" like the three ideas above.

Shel won an Apex Award for a book he wrote several years ago called Principled Profit. It was one of the first to challenge the conventional wisdom about the place of ethics and the environment in business success. That self-published book was republished by mainstream publishers in both India and Mexico. An environmental activist since his teens, Shel has played a key role in starting an international movement around business ethics.

For Shel, these core principles aren’t just something you have to do because it’s the right thing, or simply to stay out of jail. He rightly views them as the cornerstones of success — and many well-known companies prove him right every day, showing that you can make a profit and still hold your head up high.

I’m delighted to announce today that Shel has teamed up with the legendary Jay Conrad Levinson, the "father of Guerrilla Marketing," to package all his wisdom about success with Green and ethical business practices in a brand new book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet.

This 236-page book, published by John Wiley & Sons, demonstrates that Green values, strong ethics, and a cooperative philosophy are cornerstones of success. It provides a roadmap on how to not only run your business in alignment with these values, but how to creatively harness the marketing advantages of that stance — often in ways that cost little or nothing to implement.

With examples of not only what to do right but also how not to do wrong ranging from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies (IBM, Apple, Ford, GM, Johnson & Johnson, and others), this extremely important book will help you increase and leverage your Green commitment, reach new markets, and slash your marketing costs.

You’ll learn a whole new way to think about marketing, including:

  • Spreading the word at no cost through partner relationships with other businesses and nonprofits/not-for-profits
  • Turning customers, suppliers, and even competitors into your sales ambassadors
  • Getting coverage in newspapers, radio, TV, blogs, social media sites, and other media
  • Creating REAL Green messages that can’t be brought down by accusations of ‘greenwashing’

See why Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green went to press with more than 50 endorsements, including such marketing legends as Mark Joyner, Fern Reiss, Chris Brogan, and Michael Port… not to mention Green gurus like Joel Makower and Jacquelyn Ottman. Stephen M.R. Covey (author of The Speed of Trust) wrote the foreword.

You know that I’m all about being the change you want to see in the world. So, most important of all, Shel and Jay are practicing what they preach. One of their strategies is to partner with a charity, and they are donating a portion of the launch proceeds to Green America: the leading green economy organization in the United States, helping people and businesses everywhere make the shift to a socially just and environmentally sustainable economy. Their programs guide consumers to find and make green choices, help green businesses emerge and thrive, tackle climate change, build fair trading systems, and demand corporate accountability.

Please visit www.guerrillamarketinggoesgreen.com to purchase this book from your choice of retailer, with prices starting at $14.69 (list price is $21.95). Why purchase the book through this site? Because buying from this site qualifies you for a substantial bonus package, including two free months of membership in The Clean and Green Club (Shel’s eco/ethical business membership program), a 20-minute consultation with a publicist, 70 tips on creating credibility, and more. I’ve included an exclusive free bonus too that you won’t find anywhere else right now, not even on my own website!