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Are you looking to boost your, or your enterprise’s, effectiveness? Have you not yet found who you’ve been looking for? Or have you outgrown resources you’ve been utilizing and are seeking a valuable next step?

Dr. Gruder offers multiple ways to access his wisdom. Those include:

  • Mentoring
  • Consulting
  • Facilitation
  • Keynotes
  • Training

He assists boards, founders, CEOs and C-Suite executives, nonprofit Executive Directors, entrepreneurs, integrative healthcare and psychotherapy professionals, private equity sources and family offices/foundations, and potential business buyers,

Dr, Gruder will consider working with you if you and your enterprise are purpose-driven in helping elevate humanity’s future, and if you’re dedicated to making integrity profitable.

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12-Award-Winning Board Chair-Level Advisor To Leaders, Executives, Influencers, & Helping Pros Who Are Called to Help Humanity’s Best Future Emerge

Human Potential Strategist | Business Lifecycle Psychologist | Culture Architect | Societal Wellbeing Catalyst

Mentoring | Consulting | Facilitating | Keynotes | Training Programs | Author | Show Host | Interviews

Thrive Despite Ongoing Societal Upheavals

The world is changing rapidly and dramatically. Much of what was considered normal is now outdated or dysfunctional.

A recent survey of North American chief executives and chief financial officers revealed that nearly 80% rate corporate culture as one of the five most important factors driving their company’s financial performance. And an even more—84%—said their company’s culture is not where it needs to be. Meanwhile, the average culture rating of large employers in America Glassdoor, a website that lets workers rate their employers, a disappointing 3.6 out of 5.

It’s often easiest to understand new paradigms only after they’ve taken hold. But while they’re emerging, they can be difficult to comprehend. This confusion and stress causes most leaders and influencers to put on blinders and do their best to survive. Too few seek the clarity needed to build new structures supporting innovation and resilience while humanity struggles to decide the future it wants.

Leadership at this time requires upleveled consciousness and skills that grow out of a radically elevated vision of human potential and a mold-breaking approach to helping personnel rise into an expanded version of themselves.

Dr. Gruder is among those who have clarity that can help you  craft new structures that support your development and your enterprise’s success while upheavals continue and humanity’s future gradually emerges.  Whoever does the best job with this will have the most impact on their enterprise as well as on helping humaity’s best future come into focus.

Click the button below now to give Dr. Gruder a snapshot of what you’re currently seeking. After completing that, you’ll be taken to his scheduler so you can book a time to explore the possibilities.

Two Big Questions For You to Answer

  1. Does your enterprise effectively integrate innovation and resilience (i.e., is your enterprise nimble)?
  2. Are your leaders’ effectiveness, and your personnel’s engagement and collaboration, supportedd or undermined by your policies, procedures, and culture?

Here’s the Inconvenient Truth: Enterprises function at the level of self-development limitations — and the quality of their policies and procedures — despite their highest intentions.

Here’s the Solution: Nimble Leaders + Great Culture + Dacilitative Policies & Procedures + Wise Use of AI => Unrivaled Durable Success.

Who Delivers Custom Versions of That Solution? The nimbility expert who wrote the bestselling books on it: The Nimble C-Suite and The Nimble Company.

Dr. Gruder is the Swiss Army Knife of enterprise advisors. You’re highly unlikely to find another board-chair quality enterprise lifecycle psychologist with a PhD clinical and organizational development psychology, who has Dr. Gruder’s range of experience, expertise and accolades. Over his 50-year career:

  • He has founded for-profits and nonprofits
  • He has sat on boards of other for-profits and nonprofits
  • Radio-TV Report named America’s Integrity Expert
  • He became a Wall-Street Journal bestselling author, and has been an author, a contributor, or featured in, 27 books
  • Has garnered personal and book awards in this wide a range of areas: visionary leadership, conscious business & leadership, company culture architecture, health & wellness, mental health, transformational psychology, self-help, politics & society, and social change

If this is the kind of multi-capacitied visionary advisor, mentor, facilitator, and trainer you’ve been seeking, you might have just found him.

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Resource NameResource TypeProfileDr. G's RoleLink
NimbilityWorks™Integrative consulting for upper middle market companies.Become the industry leader in your niche in 3 years or less, if you have full buy-in from the CEO & C-Suite.Dr. G is a co-founder and partner.NimbilityWorks Website
Blue Sky Business ResourcesIntegrative consulting for lower middle market businesses.Get the help you need to scale ypur business, become exit/M&A-ready, implement a successful exit, and craft your next chapter post-exit. Requires willingness to continually become who your business needs you to be each step of the way, and a desire to optimize collaboration among your trusted advisors, your executive team, and when exit is being crafted, your family.Dr. G is the Business Lifecycle, Exit Planning, M&A, and Post-Acquisition PsychologistBlue Sky Business Resources
"Boosting Business Value" PodcastPodcastCovers all aspects of scaling your business with your choice of exit in mind, becoming exit-ready, implementing a successful exit, and post-exit activities.Co-Host, along with Jason TuzinkewichBoosting Business Value podcast
Become a PsychPreneur or HealthPreneurEntrepreneur development mentoring for integrative healthcare, psychotherapy, and coaching professionalsA comprehensive 7-phase mentoring process for identifying what most serves you to build, building it, and profitizing it.You're privately mentored directly by Dr. G.PsychPreneur/HealthPreneur Mentoring

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