If you are a business leader or entrepreneur, and can make it to Los Angeles in March, I am delighted to let you know about a powerful one-day business symposium from Equanicity Resources, at which I will be among a handful of A-List Experts who will be providing keynotes. You’ll find event details and registration links below. For the latest updates, visit the event webpage at www.equanicity.com/business-innovation-2012-growing-your-business-in-turbulent-times-a-new-beginning


One Day Symposium – March 15th, 2012

In these turbulent times, learning new yet proven strategies and tactics to excel in business, life and finances is critical to your future success and your peace of mind. 


Key Questions that Entrepreneurs, Executives and Top Advisors ask us:


  • What are the Important truths that I need to know and act upon to get investment capital in 2012?
  • How can I attract other people’s money to grow my business vs. using only my own cash flow or debt?
  • I keep hearing that investment capital is available for me right now to grow my business but where do I find it, how do I get it?
  • How can I use Macro Strategic Thinking and Planning to immediately outgrow this economy?
  • How do I create, manage and market Strategic Alliances to exponentially grow the reach and prosperity of my business? 


At this Symposium you will get Answers and learn Strategies, Tactics and Tools from Top Authors, Mentors and Advisors in the Business Innovation, Strategic Consulting, Wealth Planning, Business and Personal Coaching Professions. 


You will learn from them 7 Key ways to Grow and Innovate your Business.  

  • Increase net cash flow and profit immediately
  • Get access to capital to sustain and grow your business faster than ever before
  • Find investors for your business
  • Connect with investors so they trust your vision and your model for mutual prosperity
  • Outgrow these tough economic times by deploying new thinking, new relationships and methods that will get immediate results!
  • Gain access to the proven methods, people and capital you need to create a more abundant, secure and fulfilling future.
  • Deploy Macro Vision and Dynamic details for immediate results 


Event Details 

 When: March 15th, 2012 (8am – 5.30 Pm) 

Where: Sheraton Gateway Hotel, LAX   (Click here for hotel info) 

Tuition: $149 (Includes Continental Breakfast & Buffet Lunch) 

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To Register by Phone, Call This Number:  805-527-7516 

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Tickets are LIMITED so Secure your seats NOW. 

After experiencing these Powerful presentations you will be more capable and confidant in out-thinking and out growing the current economy and uncertainties in the market place. 


The Symposium Program:

8.00 Registration Begins with Continental Breakfast included.

8.45 Opening remarks Steve Drozdeck

9 am….Macro Thinking and Solutions to Outgrow the Economy

by Bruce R. Wright, Co-Founder of Equanicity Resources, LLC   SEE BIO

10 am …15 min Break

10.15The Hijacking of Your Happiness, Prosperity & Integrity… and What to Do About It in Your Business

by Dr David Gruder, PhD     SEE BIO

– Was greed really the root cause of the financial crisis of 2008-2012?
– What must we know about the meltdown’s hidden source in order to create a sustainable solution?
– How can you create financial security and abundance without sacrificing personal integrity or social responsibility?
– Why will positioning your business as your industry’s integrity leader win you new levels of customer loyalty and profits?


Our happiness, health, prosperity and integrity were hijacked during the last century (and on into this one) by a manifesto of profoundly manipulative strategies that were developed and first published back in 1928 by the father of modern public relations: Edward Bernays. The most influential man of the twentieth century that almost no one has heard of, the intentionally behind-the-scenes Bernays was the darling of business, advertising and virtually every 20th century American President, Republican and Democrat, starting with Woodrow Wilson at the end of WWI until his death in 1995.
This explosively eye-opening keynote reveals:
  • The profoundly powerful propaganda tactics Bernays developed and the US enemy who proved just how powerful they are
  • How these social engineering strategies were used to install the 1950s version of the American Dream in place of the original American Dream
  • The inadvertently devastating social and economic damage the 1950s American Dream continues to inflict to this day
  • What you can do as a business person, investor, lender or leader to take back your power from the hijackers of happiness, health, economics and integrity
  • Why doing this is your key to building a more sustainably prosperous and socially responsible tomorrow that would make our country’s founders proud

11.15…The Brain Science of Success

by Mark Kastleman, Co-Founder of Candeo   SEE BIO

– New results and ways of BEING require new thinking and different behaviors than what created your current condition.Break yourself free from outdated, no longer effective thinking and systems.  Replace them with new yet proven means to get the results you really want. 


We all want to be happy and successful in our personal lives, relationships and careers. But too often our thought patterns, behaviors, habits and outcomes don’t match our vision. Why?

We’re largely unaware of the myriad and complex workings and tendencies of the human brain. Once we have a solid understanding of “what makes us tick,” we can begin fully implementing the Brain Science of Success.

In his presentation, Mark will share some of the latest cutting-edge neuroscience, and most importantly how to actually apply this knowledge to achieve greater success in business, relationships and life.

Here are a few examples—

  • Big ideas are energizing and glamorous to the mind. Learn how to solve the “execution challenge” in your personal life and business.
  • By our very design, we are largely unaware of thought patterns and hidden influences that keep us in mediocrity. Learn how to achieve high levels of awareness—“If you can see it, you can change it.”
  • Sheer willpower is NOT enough, and often works against your brain’s natural abilities. Positive change and success are more about “skill” than “will.” 

Noon – Lunch provided as buffet in the room and networking


1 PM…Important Truths that every business owner needs to know and act upon

by Mike Nall, Founder of the Alliance of M&A Advisors.

– More investment capital is available and looking for suitable businesses than at any time in historyInvestment capital
– How to attract it, secure it and deploy it to create more prosperity, jobs and growth


1.50 PMToday’s Credit Markets with Local Economic Outlook 

by Phil Powers, SVP Commercial Lending Boston Private Bank & Trust Company

–  An overview on how the banks are reacting to current economic environment 


2.15 PM2012 Economic and Investment Outlook

by Thomas  Anderson, CIO of Boston Private Bank & Trust Company  

– A look back at 2011- where do we go from here

2.45 PM 15 min Break


3 PM…Strategic Alliance – the fastest and most effective path to exponential growth of your business and personal prosperity

by Bruce R. Wright, Co-Founder Equanicity Resources, LLC

– Create, manage and market a Rapid Growth Alliance
– How to triple your marketing budget with other people’s money
– How to create a perpetual stream of “A” level opportunities with minimum cost and time

4 PM… Training that ‘sticks’

by Steven Drozdeck, Author, Entrepreneur, Coach   SEE BIO

Too many people THINK they are doing a good job when, in reality, they are only mediocre performers. Identifying good people and processes to model is the first step to ensuring effective business development. Such benchmarks help ensure quality standards and, once identified, can be codified and then taught to others. Our Accelerated Skills Acquisition Process (ASAP) approach to training allows people to quickly learn new skills while understanding both their importance and roles within an organization. This results in increased motivation and the desire to excel. While ASAP is reviewed, the talk also covers the basics of employee performance issues, including:

  • The “How To, Want To, Chance To Model of Employee Performance”
  • Understanding Employee Performance Issues
  • Easily and Quickly Develop S.O.P.’s to Leverage Success
  • Coaching / Mentoring Strategies – Some Do’s and Don’ts to Maximize Employee Effectiveness

Each topic will be supplemented with a comprehensive handout providing additional detail.


4.30 PM 15 min Break

4.45 – 5.30 PM  – Expert Panel : Have your questions answered by our Faculty. You will get dynamic details that you can immediately apply to get real results. 

5.30 PM…Adjourn


Click Here to Register via the InternetEquanicity Resources


To Register by Phone, Call This Number:  805-527-7516

If you are an entrepreneur or business leader, and can make it to Los Angeles for this event, I hope you’ll make a point of saying hi to me!

Thanks for being an Integrity Spark,
David Gruder, PhD