Dee Dee Niedzwiecki

“Not only is Dr. Gruder interesting, but also quite profound. I particularly enjoyed his sense of humor and he was very down to earth and easy to talk to.” — Dee Dee Niedzwiecki, CEO, LuxePac | Chairman, Unabuseable

Bruce Wright

“Dr. Gruder is a constant source of profound insight and wisdom that transcends every form of bias, including politics.” — Bruce Wright, Macro-Strategic Planning Inventor

Jan Darwin Hutchins

“His light illuminates darkened paths, his gaze lifts broken spirits, his touch can heal, and already his life has changed the course of history.” — Jan Darwin Hutchins, former Mayor

Dr. Roxanne DuVivier

“He is always first to identify how individuals and organizations are de-railed and offer actionable ways to get back on track.” — Dr. Roxanne DuVivier, former Senior Vice President, Hocking College

Rita-Eileen Glynn

“He has helped so many with his chosen words of wisdom walking through life’s challenges and quandaries, always encouraging us to achieve greater understanding and civility while gently reminding us of the too often missed marvels of everyday living.” —...
Capitol Hill Collaboration Project – Request for Suggestions

Capitol Hill Collaboration Project – Request for Suggestions

Requesting Your Recommendations I believe there is a small group of Capitol Hill senators and representatives, on both sides of the aisle, who authentically recognize that responsible policymaking must synergize the deepest concerns and highest intentions that both...
Register Free for the Final “Two Shades of Knowledge” Webinar

Register Free for the Final “Two Shades of Knowledge” Webinar

AMERICA DIVIDED -Two Shades of Knowledge: Part 3 of 3 Did you miss the amazing first and second sessions of this blunt-talking series? If so, no worries, because we’re back for a not-to-be-missed grand finale!   Join Sherita Herring as she interviews featured...

Come Clean: A Theory About Why Conspiracy Theories Are So Popular & What This Calls For

NOTE: I am fine-tuning this “source document” in order to start extracting briefer articles, create a comprehensive PDF or brief ebook, and record audios and/or videos. I welcome your feedback. Context Statement Some people have accused me of refusing to...