I am glad that a band of Republican rebels caused the modified bail-out plan to implode yesterday afternoon. I believe that a number of aspects of what the Republican rebels are advocating can improve the plan’s Financial Integrity and Societal Integrity.

Also as a matter of integrity, I have not at all felt comfortable with the “we must do this immediately and in this specific form” urgency that Bush/Paulson tried to foist. They have known about this problem for a very long time. Anyone in business knows that management-by-crisis is a dysfunctional management style because of how high a risk this style runs of yielding faulty and ultimately damaging decisions.

What continues to trouble me most of all, though, as an integrity analyst, is that neither side of the aisle seems interested in crafting the plan in a way that serves as a first deliberate step in the desperately needed direction of getting free of Debtism as Capitalism’s dysfunctional and unsustainable replacement economic system.

I urge you to contact your Senator and Representative to demand that they craft the final version of the plan as a deliberate first step in breaking free from our addiction to Debtism.