If you’ve heard me speak on the Hijacking of Prosperity, you know that I believe we are shifting from a culture of employees and self-employed individuals to a culture of entrepreneurs. Here’s the problem: most people are not trained to develop ventures the way successful entrepreneurs do. That’s the main reason why the vast majority of entrepreneurial ventures fail.

Another reason I’ve seen entrepreneurs fail is that many see building their business as being quite separate from their personal development process. These folks don’t realize that entrepreneurs build ventures at the level of their psychological limitations not their entrepreneurial intentions. They don’t understand how venture development is a personal development path. And even those who believe that it is don’t usually know how to do this in an efficient profitable way.

Well, now there is a newly emerging field that helps leaders identify and outgrow their psychological limitations so their venture can succeed. It’s called Venture Development Psychology.

What is Venture Development Psychology? It is the study and application of…

  • Psychological factors related to the success and failure of entrepreneurial, business and nonprofit ventures.
  • Psychologically-savvy road maps for maximizing the odds of creating successful ventures.
  • Psychological mindsets, frameworks, strategies, tactics, and skills that appear to most help ventures succeed.
  • The success-accelerating impacts of boosting emotional, relationship, and integrity IQ among enterprise leaders, managers and teams to accelerate success.

How did the field of Venture Development Psychology emerge? For nearly three decades as a clinical & organizational development psychologist, leadership mentor, integrity expert and Wordsmithing Alchemist, I have contributed to the success of a wide range of businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, health care agencies, leaders, and helping professionals. More recently, as Special Counsel to the Chairman & Board of CEO Space International, a 20+ year old business development organization, I have been in a unique position to observe clear psychological trends in why entrepreneurs succeed and fail. Filtering these observations through the lens of my background led me to establish an newly emerging business psychology specialization area called Venture Development Psychology.

As a Venture Development Psychologist, I now serve as a one-of-a-kind resource to help business, nonprofit and socialpreneurial ventures of all kinds develop the psychological savvy they need in order to avoid the traps that cause ventures to fail.


To learn more about how Venture Development Psychology, and find out how you can use it to avoid those traps by psychologically optimizing your venture’s success, visit www.VentureDevelopmentPsychology.com