Dear Senators McCain and Obama,

I think you both already know that no band aids agreed upon by Congress this coming week will even begin to address the issue at hand at the level of root cause.

I therefore strongly recommend that you come out in favor of authorizing a blue ribbon commission to create a comprehensive long-term plan for weaning our country off the unsustainable Debtism economic system that has replaced true Capitalism and Financial Integrity (see my posts about this on my IntegrityWatch Blog at my integrity intelligence education website,

The plan this blue-ribbon panel co-creates must include:

  1. A mechanism for creating federal and state balanced budgets from now on
  2. A transition plan for shifting our economy from away from Debtism in ways that in the long run strengthen business and entrepreneurial profitability and citizen retirement planning
  3. A shift in our tax code from punishing workers and businesses for generating income to taxing citizens and businesses based on consumption — this re-orientation would encourage saving for financially responsible business expansion and for individual retirement, rather than reward our current unsustainable Debtism-oriented economy
  4. Restoring equal congressional access to citizens by replacing our current lobbying-oriented and spin-infested government model with bipartisan policy-creation panels comprised of experts who not only represent a wide range of perspectives about the relevant issues but who also are properly skilled in and committed to synergy rather than compromise or partisan-ism (see further notes about this below).

In order for this kind of comprehensive plan to be co-created, it is absolutely imperative that:

  • Members of this commission represent the entire range of perspectives about how to eradicate Debtism AND who have a demonstrated commitment to synergy-based solutions rather than compromise or partisan-ism
  • Psychologists specializing in integrity education and synergy facilitation be utilized to help facilitate the success of this blue-ribbon panel, and to also make sure that built into the new policy is educational mechanisms for helping citizens and businesses shift from greed to integrity-centered life fulfillment

I further recommend in the strongest possible way that you use the model I have outlined in this post to also address the health care crisis, the energy crisis, the crisis in education, the foreign policy crisis and any other macro issues that can only be resolved by creating root-cause solutions rather than symptom-controlling band aids.

Neither ideological fanaticism nor compromise are sustainable strategies for creating root-cause solutions to any of these pivotal issues of our time. If you want to show the American people and the world that you are the leader who deserves to be the next president of the United States, it is time for you to take strong stands about the untenability of ideological and partisan fanaticism and the fact that compromise is a negotiating style that is incapable of creating the long-term solutions we need.

I believe the vast majority of the American public is not only ready to hear this — they are hungry to hear this. We already know in our hearts that this is the direction we must take. A new generation of integrity-based leaders who are outstanding educators and talented synergy orchestrators is absolutely necessary for us to head in that direction.

Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain, it is time for both of you to finally demonstrate to us that you are the nominee with the clearest vision, the most backbone, and the most highly develped skills to implement these new approaches as president! I implore you to rise to this greatest need of our time. If not you who? If not now, when?!

Most sincerely,
David Gruder, PhD, DECP
Licensed Psychologist, Synergy Facilitator & Integrity Development Specialist