Introducing the Grand Revolutionary of Integrity: Dr. David Gruder

Can you imagine a world where integrity is not just a buzzword but a way of life? Where every organization runs on systems that prioritize integrity over anything else? Allow me to introduce you to that world, made possible by Dr. David Gruder.

Who is Dr. David Gruder?

Dr. David Gruder, a renowned psychologist, speaker, and award-winning author, is a firm believer in the power of integrity. Having spent over four decades helping leaders and organizations align their actions with their values, he’s earned the title of ‘The Integrity Warrior’.

The Integrity Revolution

Gruder’s work is largely centered around what he calls the ‘Integrity Revolution‘. This isn’t some armchair philosophy; it’s a practical, actionable framework that empowers individuals and organizations to thrive through integrity.

In Gruder’s words, “Integrity isn’t about being good or bad. It’s about integrating your heart (desires), head (thoughts), and hands (actions).” By harmonizing these three elements, we can lead more fulfilling lives and build healthier organizations.

Integrity Culture Systems

Organizations are often plagued by misalignment between their stated values and