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Association for Comprehensive
Energy Psychology

26th Annual Conference

May 30-June 3, 2024

I’m overjoyed to let you know, as the co-founder and first president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), that you can now register for the ACEP’s 26th anniversary conference. Over the decades, this event has become one of the world’s premiere mind-body conferences. And for the first time in awhile, I’ll be giving a very special daylong pre-conference intensive, in addition to a learning lab during the main conference.

Be enriched by 9 Keynotes and Invited Presentations, 35 Learning Labs, and more, with plenty of fun activities and networking opportunities… in addition to 10 Pre/Post-Conference Intensives including Dr. Gruder’s… with up to to 30 CE/CNE hours and up to 23 psychologist CE hours available. Dr. Gruder’s pre-conference intensive and learning lab are approved for ALL Continuing Education hours. Wow!

My 1-Day Pre-Conference Intensive

I’m premiering a special training program for helping professionals that you won’t want to miss, called Cultivating Resilience: Equip Your Clients to Thrive Amidst Unprecedented Societal Challenges.

In today’s world of constant upheaval and uncertainty, clients are facing unprecedented levels of sustained stress, fear, rage, rebellion, and helplessness. My heart has ached as I’ve watched far too much of the human potential field become increasingly incapable of effectively responding to this rapidly changing societal landscape.

My heart aches because the human potential field is precious to me. I have held administrative, leadership, training, and research roles across most of its sectors since the 1970s (including having been the co-founder and first President of ACEP, the producer of this conference). My work has been featured in multiple best-selling books (including a Wall Street Journal bestseller), has garnered a plethora of personal and book awards (see ** below for specifics), and has led to my being named America’s Integrity Expert by Radio-TV Interview Report.

So, from a deep desire to enable the human potential field to far more effectively address humanity’s current dire needs, I have built on my 50 years of experience to develop a new, practical, integrative framework that can equip you as a helping professional to help your clients rise above today’s toxic societal stressors, and vastly uplevel their resilience, so they can truly thrive through today’s upheavals.

This program integrates five core principles into a practical blueprint you can use to enable your clients to simultaneously elevate their self-sovereignty while filling their unique roles in restoring societal wellbeing. Here are those five principles:

  1. Baggage blocks vision.
  2. Vision focuses purpose.
  3. Purpose requires skills.
  4. Skills seek expression opportunities.
  5. Expression opportunities actualize vision-driven purpose.

I’ve converted those principles into a sequenced set of practical step-by-step activities that your clients — with your facilitation — can use to develop the five main ingredients in their own customized SPARK Blueprint. “SPARK” is the acronym for those five ingredients:

  1. Shatter Spells: get free from the baggage that blocks your vision
  2. Picture the Future: reimagine humanity’s best future and yours
  3. Align Your Purpose and Paradigm: crystallize your unique role in helping that future emerge and ensure that your worldview and selfview best support you in doing this
  4. Reimagine Your Skills: uplevel the skills that can best help you succed with your role, without sacrificing your own wellbeing or your chearished relationships
  5. Kindle Collaboration: select support that nourishes and grows you, and initiatives that magnify your impact

I am delighted to be witnessing people use their personal version of this SPARK Blueprint to create remarkable results in their lives and their work… and I’m confident that you will come away from this pre-conference workshop with clarity and confidence to use this framework to help your clients reclaim their self-sovereignty and make bigger differences in the world than they ever thought possible. (And your bonus will be crafting your own personalized version of the SPARK Blueprint!)

If you know me, you already know that I’ve been a lifelong iconoclast. This workshop is no exception. I urge you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to participate in the world premiere of this groundbreaking program so you can become the change you want to see in the world, and facilitate that change in your clients.

Register while you can still get a discount and will accommodations are still available. Visit now to secure your spot in the conference as well as your discounted hotel accommodations.

PS: If you want to know more about the SPARK Blueprint, you’re welcome to download two PDF documents that provide plenty of details. You’ll find download buttons for these further below. If you have further questiuons, you are welcome to get in touch with me through this website’s contact page.


** The personal and book awards I’ve received span the fields of politics & society, social change, visionary leadership, conscious business & leadership, culture creation, health & wellness, mental health, transformational psychology, self-help, and more.

My Main Conference Learning Lab:
Tapping Into Healthy Masculinity — A Practitioner’s Guide

Larry Burk, MD, and I, will co-present this two-hour mini-training on Saturday morning June 1, to equip you to more effectively help your male clients unleash healthy masculinity.

This jam-packed experiential program equips you to ignite transformation with men your practice by utilizing:

  1. A transformative framework based on the five core archetypes of masculine consciousness.
  2. A powerful combination of meditation, expressive writing, and energy psychology, that can enable your male clients to convert their anger and grief into catalysts for positive change and impact. 

ACEP 2024’s conference hotel is Arizona’s extraordinary Wigwam Resort. If you’re a long-time ACEP conference attendee, you’ll recall how much everyone who attended ACEP 2002-2004 loved this retreat venue for this conference.

ACEP as able to negotiate an amazing discounted conference sleeping rooms rate of only $189 a night (no, that’s NOT a typo)!! You’ll find a registration link and additional details on the conference website that will enable you to get this discount for as long as room availability lasts (so, seriously, don’t delay — the last time this conference was held there, offsite accomodations had to be arranged).

Who Should Attend

  • Psychotherapists & Other Mental Health Professionals
  • Integrative Healthcare Professionals
  • Grad Students in Mental Health & Healthcare Professions
  • Coaches
  • Other Energy-Oriented Practitioners

Whether you’re new to Energy Psychology or a seasoned EP Practitioner, this conference will knock your socks off!

The sooner you register for the conference, the more you’ll save!
The final two discount widows end on April 8 and May 12, 2024.
From May 13 forward you’ll be paying full price… assuming there’s still room!

Join Us

I Love This Conference Venue!
The Wigwam Resort, in Litchfield, Arizona

Nestled in the picturesque West Valley of Phoenix (and 25 miles from Sky Harbor International Airport), The Wigwam is an iconic oasis of luxury in the stunning Sonora Desert. Popular attractions include the world-famous Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Sedona, for day-long trips.

This one-of-a-kind resort offers an enchanting selection of luxury casitas and suites, along with an array of recreational amenities, award-winning restaurants, complimentary high-speed internet, complimentary valet and self-parking, fitness center and motion studio access, unlimited tennis court usage, a special golf deal, and more. 

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J Shoop, 52 Maxims for Living Your Life to the Max

I have the utmost of deep respect for Dr. Gruder as one of the world's top leaders. I am completely blown away every time by his valuable insights and all of his contributions to the world!

Nadene Joy, Chair of The Global Lead 2 Impact Summit & CEO of NJ Consulting

Dr. Gruder’s work is among the most transformative approaches to business that you will ever see - and he is providing it at a time of the greatest and most uplifting changes in human history

Dr. Mark Hewitt, Founder, NuGen Development & the Lydian Foundation

I have the utmost of deep respect for Dr. Gruder as one of the world's top leaders. I am completely blown away every time by his valuable insights and all of his contributions to the world!

Nadene Joy, Chair of The Global Lead 2 Impact Summit & CEO of NJ Consulting

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