If you’re a helping professional, make 2018 the year that you experience the magic & energy that fills an ACEP Energy Psychology Conference.

Dr. Gail Gillespie puts into words precisely what I and ACEP my co-founder envisioned when we began this 20 years ago: “I wouldn’t even call it a conference. It’s an enlivening, soul-enriching, mind-eploding experience. Every. Single. Year.”

We’re talking full engagement learning that includes lectures, hands-on practice, morning energizers, and tips for continuing at home. Use the innovative methods you discover or refine to help your clients heal more quickly and fully. Build community, nourish your heart, mind and soul, and have fun, with like-minded colleagues from a wide variety of fields. Get recharged and renewed so you return to your work with greater wellbeing and ease. All while earning up to 43 CE/CME/CNE hours!

This year you’ll get:

  • Double the Keynotes, including Dawson Church, Donna Eden, David Fenistein, Amikaeyla Gaston, Anodea Judith, Bradley Nelson, Andrew Newberg, James Oschman, Dean Radin… and a special video presentation by Tony Robbins.
  • Quantum Talks (TED-style) that will give you quick potent tastes of a variety of subjects (I’ll be giving one — see further below)
  • Learning Labs that will give you 2-hour deeper dives into a wide range of skills (I’ll be giving one of these too — see further below)
  • An Integrated Fundamentals track that’s just for you if you’re new to the field of Energy Psychology
  • Pre & Post Conference Intensive Training (I’ll be giving a pre-conference this year — see further below)

This year’s conference venue is truly magical. We’ll be at the newly refurbished Contemporary Resort, right in the heart of the amazing Walt Disney World property outside Orlando Florida. This will be an incredible oasis of energy for our tribe of energy psychology and energy healing practitioners. These rooms normally go for $500+ BUT the conference was able to a limited block of rooms at a shockingly low $186. Rooms at this rate are extremely limited and they will sell out. You’ll automatically receive a link to book your room at this special rate as soon as you finish registering for the conference.

Register by January 29, 2018 and save up to $470 as an ACEP member (or up to $310 if you aren’t).

Here are some details on what I’ll be teaching this year:

  1. PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP: Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Level 1 — Combining sound science, practical application and ethical consideration, you’ll gain a marvelous array of tools to customize treatment for specific client needs, all within an eye-opening framework to guide you in seamlessly integrating these tools within a psychotherapeutic model.
  2. MAIN CONFERENCE QUANTUM TALK: Upgrade Your Clients’ Ethical Personal Power Skills — In a world overrun by dysfunctional versions of power (and equally dysfunctional reactions to it), who can our clients turn to for assistance in developing right relationship with their own personal power? Us, that’s who. My Quantum Talk shows you how.
  3. MAIN CONFERENCE LEARNING LAB: Nature’s Elements & Healing Ritual: Ancient & Modern Energy Practice — Archetypes can be viewed as energy templates for accessing key aspects of our human nature and expressing our personal power. My high participation session will provide you with a delightfully magical way to help your clients (and yourself) quickly uplevel personal & relationship wellbeing. We’ll cover the 7 core archetypes of personal power, including the primary energy each one governs, key characteristics of each core archetype’s mature expression & shadow expressions.

Have questions? Need assistance? Email Leslie Primavera at admin@energypsych.orgor call her at 619-861-2237.

Remember: VIP Pricing ends January 29, 2018. Register NOW.

ACEP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit association that was co-founded in 1998, with Dr. David Gruder serving as its first President. All purchases support the work of our mission to spread the ethical use of the highest effectiveness energy psychology and energy healing approaches throughout the world.