Corporate Culture Creation

Culture is an organization’s way of thinking, behaving & working. What if high leverage step-by-step procedures existed that could turn you, your executives, your implementers & your funders into a purpose-driven culture where you all have a fun & fulfilling time co-creating success? These procedures DO exist.

In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, your enterprise’s sustainable success depends on being at the forefront of embracing a new twenty-first century version of “having it all.” Creating the hyper-growth in your people’s dedication, productivity and accountability that comes from this requires you to integrate business profitability, collaborative governance and personal fulfillment around principles of self-responsibility, social responsibility, and sustainability. Three core universal human intelligences form the engine that is making this next needed evolution in the workplace possible: Integrity Intelligence, Collaboration Intelligence and Wellbeing Intelligence.


High Performance Culture Architecture™ helps you select and develop the right group of highly competent, productive and accountable people, who effectively and enjoyably synergize on behalf of your venture’s mission and success, in ways that also fulfill their higher-order human drives.

As your Corporate Culture Architect, Dr. David Gruder will help you optimize productivity by uniting integrity, accountability, job satisfaction and productivity in ways that maximize your profits. He will help you, your leaders, and your teams, step into this new “having it all” culture by collaboratively installing the following three-dimensional foundation into your enterprise’s operating fabric:

• Vision: Providing your people with a uniquely illuminating, non-blaming and empowering narrative that brings into sharp focus the challenges and opportunities that are before us in today’s world. A narrative that has been embraced across the political and faith spectrums, and that precisely pinpoints:

  1. How our current cultural deterioration developed, the impact this has had on society, and how this in turn has been harming your enterprise’s success;
  2. How this cultural deterioration has eroded your people’s happiness, health, job fulfillment, collaboration effectiveness, productivity, and income; and
  3. The key building blocks for creating a robust and rewarding culture in your people, your enterprise, and society in general;

• Strategies: Facilitating your people in implementing culture development processes that they’ll be delighted to use because they are grounded in common sense, ethics, psychological wisdom, universal spiritual principles… and, most importantly from a motivational perspective, your people’s own self-interest. This framework is designed to successfully upgrade:

  1. Your business’s sustainable productivity, profitability, morale, and loyalty;
  2. Your governmental entity’s capacity for collaborative post-partisan problem-solving and governance;
  3. Your cause-based organization’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission; or
  4. Your educational institution’s position as a leader in twenty-first century education

• Skills: Training your leaders and teams in road tested, easily learned, rapidly implemented, and sustainably maintained Integrity Intelligence, Collaboration Intelligence, Wellbeing Intelligence, and Culture Upgrade Skills, that are producing remarkable results in other enterprises.

If you are in an influential role within an enterprise that recognizes the importance of installing Collaborative Culture Architecture™ into your enterprise, or you’re influential with someone who is in such a role with a business, nonprofit or governmental entity, Dr. Gruder would like to talk with you.